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Aurox Terminal

Trade cryptocurrency like a professional trader using the Aurox terminal. Users of the Aurox trading platform will have free access to PRO tools, for a limited time, to get a better perception regarding which way the markets will go. For example, the Aurox Indicator, a tool that will show entry market points with an accuracy of 80%. Sign-up now for free and start trading like a PRO with the Aurox tools. Also, keep reading this Aurox review to find out more about the Aurox innovations, what is coming next into the Aurox ecosystem, how to connect your exchange accounts with Aurox and make trading orders directly from the Aurox Terminal.

Aurox trading platform video review

The Aurox platform delivers great innovations, that can not be explained in a simple review, but I will try to cover as much as I can. The best way to discover its features is by simply exploring the Aurox ecosystem. Note that the sign-up is free, no KYC required, and the best thing is that all the premium features are free, but only for a limited time.

Aurox advanced indicators
For a limited time, the advanced indicators are free

What is Aurox?

With a very cool name, which originates from a species of ancient bulls named Aurochs or URUS, the company was founded in 2018 by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The curious fact about me and the name of the company is that almost two years ago, I tattooed my leg, with the skeleton of one of these ancient bulls, Aurochs.

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The Aurox platform recently ended its URUS token sale, which with regret in my heart I have to say that I missed. The starting price of one URUS token was $0.22, and the token had a fair launch on the Uniswap exchange. Furthermore, at the time of writing this Aurox review, the URUS token has a price of around $20. Also, you can see here the live price of the native Aurox token, and below are some other details.

With the URUS token launch, which will power the entire ecosystem, the Aurox platform intends to bring many new excellent features to the DEFI market and make it better. For example, with the Aurox Lend and Trade protocols, which will be integrated into the Aurox terminal, the team intends to bring higher yields in lending, lower collateral for borrowers, lower smart contract fees.

Also, another great feature comes with the combination of the two protocols: the Aurox platform will generate profit for the idle funds that are in the user’s wallet.

Aurox Terminal brings the most needed features for a cryptocurrency trader, that are also perfect for a cryptocurrency beginner to trade like a PRO. Moreover, those features are advanced tools that are available for free. For example, market-entry signals, TD Sequential indicator, fear and greed chart, volume profile, and much more. Also, there are multiple cryptocurrency exchanges that can be connected with the Aurox Terminal, to execute orders fast and directly from the Aurox platform.

The URUS token

As I said, the URUS token sale has recently ended, and 45% of the total supply was put into this Uniswap fair launch. The total supply for the URUS token is 1 million tokens. Therefore, with the low number and its utility in the Aurox ecosystem, my assumption is that even at today’s price, it is not too late to buy URUS tokens. Also, my opinion is that it will reach higher values once all the Aurox innovations will be up and running.

The URUS token is an ERC-20 utility token, which will be used for liquidity mining on Uniswap, and that can also be used for staking in a smart contract. Furthermore, the URUS token holders will benefit from a discount on fees on the Aurox platform, staking reward bonuses, a yield boost for lenders, and yield bonus rewards.

For now, the URUS token can be bought and traded on the Uniswap exchange and on the Bilaxy cryptocurrency exchange. Also, the URUS token is listed only in Ethereum based pairs.

The Aurox Terminal

The terminal has been up and running smoothly for a couple of years already. With a user-friendly interface, the Aurox terminal provides premium tools which can make a cryptocurrency beginner to trade like a professional trader. Also, keep in mind that for a limited time, all the advanced innovations and indicators on the Aurox Terminal are free. Moreover, there is no KYC required, and the sign-up is likewise free.

Aurox trading platform
Workspace on the trading platform

First, let’s start with the basics. With the Aurox terminal, users can make workspaces and analyze the data from more than 60 cryptocurrency exchanges and 10,000+ crypto trading pairs. Also, with the click of a button, every trader can share their workspace chart with their community.

The Aurox platform performs with advanced indicators with a pretty high accuracy considering the crypto market. For example, the most wanted indicator and the most highly valued is the Aurox indicator, which can show entry market points to see the best time to buy or to sell. And it has an accuracy of 80% according to the Aurox platform.

Advanced indicators

Take advantage while you still can, and join the Aurox trading terminal to use the advanced indicators completely for free. Because all these cool trading tools will be free only for a limited time.

The Aurox indicator

This indicator will display on the trading chart green and red arrows, to show the best moment to enter a specific buying or selling order, selected by every user. Using this highly valued indicator with an accuracy approximated at 80%, everybody can make successful trades, even a cryptocurrency beginner.

Aurox advanced indicator
Advanced indicator

The TD Sequential indicator

This advanced tool indicator from Aurox will display numbers on the chart, which will indicate when the pump and dump positions are losing power. In combination with the Aurox indicator, users can get a better method to discover the entry and exit point from a specific trade.

Advanced indicators
Aurox indicator and the TD Sequential indicator

Aurox lines

With a simple click of a button, this indicator will display on the chart, the prices trend lines on a specific trading pair. Users will easily find price trends and price breakouts.

Fear and greed chart

The fear and greed line will be displayed below the main chart, and this Aurox indicator analyzes the overall market sentiment in that trading pair.

Volume profile indicator

This Aurox indicator will be displayed on the side of the main chart and using this indicator, users will be able to identify support lines for that trading pair.

These are only the advanced Aurox indicators, that for a limited time are available for free. The Aurox terminal offers many more different indicators helpful in making successful trades and analyzing the cryptocurrency market. The sign-up is also free, being the best way to discover all the great features that Aurox brings in trading and in the future, making the DEFI world better.

Connect your exchange with the Aurox Terminal

Using the preferred cryptocurrency exchange API keys, users of Aurox can easily connect the cryptocurrency exchange with the Aurox terminal. By doing so, the trading orders can be done directly from the Aurox trading platform, and never miss a perfect opportunity to make a successful trading order.

Binance order form on the Terminal
Binance order form on the Terminal

I have multiple accounts on different cryptocurrency exchanges. But the one that I have connected with the Aurox Terminal is my Binance account, and it works smoothly. If you are using the Binance account, I have made a step-by-step guide on how to create API keys on Binance. Find it here! Also, the process is pretty similar on all exchanges, therefore it might be helpful for others as well.

Once you have the API key, to connect your crypto exchange account with the Aurox terminal, you just need to simply copy your API key and your private key, and paste them into your Aurox account. For this, you have to define a cryptocurrency exchange account on the terminal. Therefore, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in or register for free on the Aurox trading platform;
  • Click on settings, which can be found in the above right corner;
  • If you defined a trading password, the account might be locked. Therefore, enter the trading password;
  • In the accounts section, click on add a new account;
API key connection
API key connection with a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Select the cryptocurrency exchange that you want to use. In my case, it was Binance;
  • Chose an alias for your account;
  • Paste your cryptocurrency exchange API key and the Secret or Private key;
Create API key connection
Create API key connection
  • Click create and it is done, the cryptocurrency exchange will be connected, and the Aurox terminal will have access to the cryptocurrency exchange. But only at what features you selected for your API keys. As I said in my Binance API key article, for better security, limit the API key restrictions to reading and trading.
API key connection created with the Binance exchange
API key connection created with the Binance exchange

For now, the trading orders on the Aurox terminal, through the API key connection, can only be done on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

Configure your Aurox Terminal workspace

With different widgets and tools, users can configure their workspace as they like. Therefore, the user can choose from a multitude of helpful widgets and tools. For example, order books, an order form, a market overview widget, alerts, balances, and many others.

Aurox trading platform
Workspace on the crypto trading platform

Also, view in real-time the whale signals, and stay updated with the most influential amounts moved by the biggest market players.

Aurox conclusion

Aurox has an already established background, being in the cryptocurrency world for a couple of years, delivering great features for cryptocurrency traders. Also, with the latest announced upgrades, the Aurox platform will bring great value to the DEFI world.

I really hate that I missed the URUS token launch, but as I see it, it is not too late to buy URUS tokens. The fair launch delivered huge gains for the buyers.

Also, the URUS token has high utility in the Aurox ecosystem, therefore I see huge potential in the value of this token.

Regarding every investment in cryptocurrency, everybody should do their own research. Therefore, don’t take my word about this project, explore the Aurox ecosystem to find all of its features. For a limited time, all the advanced tools are free, the sign-up is free, and there is no KYC required.

Thank you for reading this Aurox review, and I hope it is helpful to you. Feel free to share and subscribe to my little blog. Also, visit and follow me on my other channels, Youtube, LBRY and Odysee, Pinterest, FacebookPublish0xInstagramTwitter.

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