Easy sign-in on WEB 3.0 Dapps with the NFTs from Unstoppable Domains

Easy sign-in on web 3.0 dapps with a domain NFT

These days, on the WEB 2.0 we have easy sign-on services like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and these being the most used up to date. Unstoppable Domains with its continuously advancing development now brings a user-friendly sing-in service for the WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 decentralized applications – Dapps, named Login with Unstoppable. Using the blockchain domain NFTs minted on both Polygon or Ethereum blockchains, owners will be capable to simply log in on different decentralized applications, exclusively using an NFT domain. This is the single sign-on service built with domain NFTs on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains, and it provides a user-friendly experience for the uprising WEB 3.0. Check out my entire blog post to find out more about what Dapps you can already access with an NFT from Unstoppable Domains, what Dapps are the next to offer this sign on service, and how to use this Unstoppable Domains service.

WEB 3.0 easy Login with Unstoppable Review – YouTube video

What is this WEB 3.0 “Login with Unstoppable” service?

Web 3.0 or simply Web 3 is the next generation of internet and a revolutionizing system where data will be interconnected using decentralized protocols. Therefore, blockchain technology will have a strong and important association with the redefining next era of internet. I see great potential in the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and a very significant role in the WEB 3 development will be played by the DeFi world, decentralized storage projects like Filecoin, IoTInternet of Things projects like the Helium Network, and a lot of other great projects.

WEB 3.0
WEB 3.0

Although the great innovators from the web development space are talking about Web 3.0 for a long time, even before the debut of the Bitcoin blockchain, the WEB 3 development is still in the early stages, and it is hard to predict how it will appear like, and how much innovation will be there in the years to come. But I believe there will be extremely futuristic developments with machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, decentralized data storage, edge computing power, smart devices developed on IoT networks, and so much more.

I drifted a little from the main subject, because I am quite enthusiastic about the next generation of WEB, and I hope to see it fully developed in my lifetime, because I am not getting any younger. Now, the Login with Unstoppable service is a new way for blockchain domain NFT owners to easily sign-in on different WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 applications, only using a domain name from Unstoppable Domains as a global username, and it also replaces the need for passwords across WEB 3.0 Dapps.

Login with domain NFTs on DeHive
Login with domain NFTs on DeHive

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of passwords and usernames to remember, and I constantly forget, or I don’t have my records around me when I need them. Therefore, I consider this to be a great feature from Unstoppable Domains, to effortlessly sign-on using only one blockchain domain NFT, as a universal username and password across various applications. Moreover, with this login service, while accessing those different Dapps or Metaverses, we can maintain our full control and ownership of our digital identities, sharing with the used Dapps only the information we want, like metadata and proof of ownership.

How does this service work?

You minted your blockchain domain NFT bought from Unstoppable Domains, and securely stored it into a decentralized crypto wallet. Also, in the management zone, you can enter what data you want to share, like private and public email, social accounts, set a profile picture or an owned NFT as your domain picture, and so on. For now, the Login with Unstoppable service works without setting all these up, and your domain only needs to be minted.

Login with an NFT domain on CookFinance
Login with an NFT domain on CookFinance

When visiting a Dapp which supports this Unstoppable Domains service, that application reads your domain and directs you to the authorization server assigned to that domain name, at this time to a server operated by the Unstoppable Domains company. After this, you will connect your crypto wallet which contains your stored domain NFT, and sign a transaction to grant access to the information requested by the app, for example your crypto wallet address, the amount of funds held, or the private email address, and so on. When you sign that transaction, the application will receive an access token and an ID token from the authorization server with the contact information, and now the communications with the app will be available.

Signature request to sign in with domain NFTs
Signature request to sign in with domain NFTs

Unstoppable Domains explains that the first servers will be operated by the company, but the ultimate goal is to empower every person to run their own servers, which can be done by renting personal servers on centralized or decentralized protocols, or operating a Raspberry Pi. Using a personal server, every person will have the full ownership and control over their data.

What Dapps can I already use to sign-in with an NFT domain?

Unstoppable Domains announced that there are already 58 applications which implemented the Login with Unstoppable service, and a lot more to integrate this feature. Therefore, let’s see some of these apps, and also a little bit of what these projects do:

  1. Parcel – A Dapp where users can buy and sell virtual real estate on multiple Metaverses like Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and Cryptovoxels;
  2. Cook Finance – A platform that connects retail investors with professional fund managers working on multiple chains – Avalanche, Ethereum, OKEx chain, HECO chain, and Binance Smart Chain.
  3. DeHive Finance – A platform with multiple chains integrated to offer Cluster investments, which are crypto indexes of tokenized assets with productive yield farming strategies. DeHive ecosystem contains multichain financial tools and instruments;
  4. Unstoppable Swap – a swap exchange between EVM based assets, using the Login with Unstoppable as a single sign-in option;
  5. Unstoppable Portfolio – This is a simple dashboard where users can easily track their held ERC-20 cryptocurrencies, using the Login with Unstoppable as a single sign-in option;
  6. MOCA – Is a Museum of Crypto Art where users can explore NFT art collections;
  7. Signature Collectable – Is a Dapp where users can collect signatures and mint them as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain, and also store them on IPFS;
  8. NFT on BSC – An analytics and appraisals Dapp for the NFTs minted on Binance Smart Chain;
  9. Community Garden – An NFT project for the garden and plants admirers, where users can also create their own NFTs;
Sign in with domain NFTs from Unstoppable Domains
Sign in with domain NFTs from Unstoppable Domains

There are a lot more Dapps to support this service from Unstoppable Domains, but I think everyone got the idea. When a Dapp displays this option as a sign-on feature, users can use their domain NFT to login on that specific application and use its services.

What Dapps will integrate the Login with Unstoppable option?

As the Unstoppable Domains stated, there are going to be many applications that will integrate this service, and once the WEB 3.0 will develop even more, this is a simple way to sign-on. Now let’s see some announced Metaverse projects and gaming apps which will integrate this feature:

  1. Atlantis.World – A very interesting Metaverse project, which is not yet launched, but with an Alpha sale on the way, which will start in a week or so. Atlantis.World intends to be a Web3 social Metaverse, connecting NFTs, Defi and DAOs with social, gaming, education, and all these in a virtual world. Sounds pretty interesting;
  2. Farsite – A space gaming decentralized application which is pretty much at the beginning. Interested users can earn a free space ship at registration and some start-up credits, and the only thing to do is to complete some small actions, like verifying your email, follow on Twitter, and so on. I tried to connect my Metamask wallet with this play to earn game, but it didn’t work for me and I think there might be a bug or something at this time;
  3. ChainGuardians – A simple play to earn RPG game which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. As I saw, for now players can only get the in-game coin with the ticker CGC and some additional NFTs which can be put to mine, but still the in-game token. The coin earned in the game is not the CGG – ChainGuardians governance token;
  4. MegaCryptoPolis 3D – A gaming Dapp which operates on both Ethereum and Tron blockchains, in which users can purchase land and build estates to gain rewards in cryptocurrency;
  5. Drakons – A play to earn dragon battle gaming Dapp. New users can start with a free dragon NFT to play.
Farsite gaming Dapp to integrate login with domain NFTs
Farsite gaming Dapp to integrate login with domain NFTs

I expect to be many more apps and Dapps to integrate the Login with Unstoppable service, and as in the case of those apps which already integrated it, there will be this option listed as a sign-in option. Now, I only wait for the WEB 3.0 to develop at a higher pace, because I purchased already some domain NFTs, and I plan to buy even more. Moreover, as the ultimate goal of Unstoppable Domains is to enable everyone to run their personal servers, I can’t wait for this to occur, and I hope to be in the near future.

WEB 3.0 Login with Unstoppable conclusion

So far, most of the Dapps already integrated different decentralized crypto wallet providers to sign-up. Therefore, at this point where the Dapps offer the option to directly sign-in with a decentralized wallet provider like Metamask, the Login with Unstoppable Domains NFTs will have an additional step further in this process. This is because you already have to connect your Metamask wallet, or any other wallet where your domain NFT is stored, to sign a transaction.

So, where the decentralized applications already offer a sign-on service with a crypto wallet, it is easier to sign-in using this method, and not the Login with Unstoppable service. But this is only the beginning of the WEB 3.0 development, and I believe that in the near future, the Login with Unstoppable service will be pretty useful for us crypto enthusiasts. Moreover, once the Dapps integrate this feature, and those apps will directly read our private email registered with our domain NFT, it will be easier to register, and with some less stages to complete the sign-on process.

If you intend to buy a blockchain domain NFT from Unstoppable Domains, press the button below with my affiliate link, and in this way, you can support my channels. Additionally, read my other related articles to find out how to buy with a 10% rebate, how to mint and manage NFT domains, and much more.

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