Loopring AMM Exchange Info, Markets & Trading Volume.

Exchange NameLoopring AMM
Volume (24H) $1,080,694.48
54.57 BTC
Established Year2020
Website https://exchange.loopring.io/
Loopring AMM exchange 24 hours trading volume is $1,080,694.48 (54.57 BTC). Loopring AMM is established in year 2020. This cryptocurrency exchange is located in China

Launched in February 2020, Loopring Exchange describes itself as is the first zkRollup DEX on Ethereum, built atop the Loopring Protocol. The exchange is operated by the Loopring team (which is distributed across China, Belgium, Canada, and the US). It supports the non-custodial trading of ETH and ERC20 tokens. Leveraging zkRollup tech, Loopring Exchange is capable of settling over 2,000 trades per second at a cost as low as $0.0001, without sacrificing 100% Ethereum security guarantees. It claims to be the most scalable DEX on Ethereum. Loopring is an open protocol for scalable non-custodial exchanges on Ethereum. For more details, please see: https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/looprings-zkrollup-amm-is-live-2f8251cd0fcd

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated Trust Score

New Token Listing 📢 - as voted by the community

$rETH - @Rocket_Pool ETH💫

To help bootstrap liquidity, a portion of Loopring L2 protocol fees will be allocated to the rETH/ETH pool for the remainder of the year🔥

Be sure to LP + boost your returns💙

Introducing: L2 DeFi Port✈️💙

A new mechanism that will allow for Dutch Auctions, Lending, Margin Trading + more to be possible on Loopring’s zkRollup✨

Stay tuned because the possibilities for highly optimized L2s just got a whole lot more interesting👇


We hosted an AMA on Reddit earlier this month to give our community more access into some of the minds at the Loopring Foundation🥳

Below are all of the questions + answers along with an updated message from LF's CEO, Steve Guo💙


Loopring Earn is expanding - now with Dual Investment directly on L2💙

Available today on web app and android Loopring smart wallets with iOS coming shortly🪄

Learn how to use dual investment + understand the risks here👇

"Staking ETH on [Loopring] L2 is cheaper + faster than sending a postcard!"💙

It's true - check out this full tutorial if you want to see for yourself👇


or connect your wallet and earn on the webapp👇


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