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Mobile cloud mining with payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Flits coin (FLS)staking crypto, and deploy masternodes. Above all, with only one user-friendly decentralized mobile crypto app. Now, with the Flits App, it’s easy to gain a passive income with masternode rewards, staking rewards, and cloud mining rewards. Continue reading the Flits app review and find out all about the Flits App, the Flits coin, and how to gain masternode rewards, staking rewards, and cloud mining rewards. Also, you will find a way to use the Flits App features most profitably.

This is an updated post with the latest innovations released by the Flits team.

Cloud mining with payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Flits coin (FLS)
Cloud mining with payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Flits coin (FLS)

What is new with the latest Flits App update?

First of all, regarding the very high fees on the Ethereum blockchain, earnings from cloud mining in Ether, are no longer supported. But the Fits team added the mining earnings in Flits coin (FLS), and these are sent to you every Monday.

Also, now you can buy mining workers with Bitcoin and Flits coin, but there is a minimum number of 10 workers which can be bought at once. The price for a mining worker is now 2.5 EURO.

The swap feature also improved and now there are many more trading pairs to swap your cryptocurrencies. Continue reading this updated article and find out all the refreshed features of the Flits App.

What is the Flits app?

Flits app it’s a decentralized mobile multi-crypto wallet, and the first mobile platform where you can stake multiple cryptocurrencies, deploy many masternodes. And at the same time, mining cryptocurrency with payments in Bitcoin and Flits Coin.

The Flits app is developed by a trusted blockchain company, based in Netherland, with a very professional team behind it. Also, if you want to use the app, I encourage you to use their discord channel, where you will stay up to date with the latest Flits news.

The mobile app has an easy to use interface, making this a very good app for a cryptocurrency beginner. Have to say that this is also, the first mobile crypto app that I used to invest in. Their portfolio is over 100+ cryptocurrencies, and they continue adding more. To mention that all the big crypto-assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, are supported by the mobile app.

Flits app preview
Flits app preview

With this app, you can invest in cloud mining, deploy masternodes, and stake your crypto-assets going mobile. You’re selected investments can be controlled by the mobile app wherever you are. And also, the app can be connected to the desktop platform of the Flits App, which has the same user-friendly interface. 

The connection to the desktop platform can be made only by scanning a QR code with the mobile app. As a result, this being a very secure connection.

The FLS Token

Behind the Flits ecosystem, it’s their cryptocurrency, the FLS token, which powers the Flits app

FLS coin price

View full stats about the Flits coin by pressing the button below. You will see the market cap, Flits coin price, live updated, 24h volume, Flits coin calculator, historical data, and Flits coin price chart. Also, you can leave a comment and let other users, or us, on what you think about Flits.

Using the FLS token, the app users can invest with zero fees on every masternodes deployed on the Flits App. But only up to 100, and also, zero fees for staking coins. This feature is available only if the Flits users invest in one FLS masternode, which is 1000 FLS.

Also, the FLS cryptocurrency offers a very good APY, of around 100%, making this a very good investment at this moment. 

If you decide to lock your FLS in a masternode, you can close the masternode at any time that you want. As a result, you can take back the 1000 FLS coins from locking.

Cloud mining with earnings in Bitcoin (BTC) and Flits coin (FLS)

I think that all of us know what is mining and cloud mining. In the Flits App case, all you need to know is that you will be mining cryptocurrency with payments in Bitcoin and Flits coin, using bought mining power.

The mining process will be without needing to install complicated hardware devices or other software programs. As a result, you will mine only using the fingertips.

Cloud mining feature updated
Cloud mining feature updated

All you have to do on the Flits App is to buy mining power using their platform token, the FLS token, or Bitcoin (BTC). The mining power is measured in workers, and a worker costs 2.5 EURO in FLS, or BTC, at the time. To mention that once you buy a worker, you will own it for a lifetime and it will mine continuously.

With the latest Flits app update, there is a minimum of 10 workers that you can buy at once. Also, the mining earnings in FLS will be sent to you every Monday, and those in BTC two times a month.

As well, the update will bring the possibility to buy mining power using Bitcoin, not only FLS. Flits platform is here to stay, and I think it brings must needed features for a cryptocurrency investor.

Where to buy FLS Token?

The FLS Token can be bought from multiple crypto exchange platforms, and the most important are:

Staking crypto on the Flits App

For those who don’t know what is staking, follow this link: What is staking crypto? | Easy way to earn rewards by holding your funds.

The Flits App users can choose from multiple cryptocurrencies to stake, among which is the FLS token with a very good annual return of investment.

Flits app wallet and how to stake coins
Flits app wallet and how to stake coins

At this time, the staking innovation on the Flits App is free of charge.

Here are some easy steps on how to start gaining staking rewards and masternode rewards.

  1. Register for free and download the Flits App.
  2. Buy and transfer your crypto-coins into the Flits App Wallet.
  3. In the coin’s wallet, you will see the staking or masternode buttons.
  4. Choose the amount you want to stake or how many masternodes you want to deploy.
  5. And the final step is to wait for your staking or masternode rewards.

Keep in mind that staking takes a lot of transactions to be made, and so it will take some time to receive your rewards. In the FLS token case, for me, it took longer than one week to receive rewards from staking.

The coins locked in staking can be withdrawn at any time you choose, because there is no period on locking, and also any amount you want.

Some of the cryptocurrencies that can be staked on the Flits App are

Where to buy the staking coins?

All the staking coins can be bought from:

Masternodes on the Flits App

Masternodes in cryptocurrency work exactly like staking. The masternode coins are built on blockchains with a Proof of Stake consensus.

In the Flits App, the only thing that is different between staking and deploying masternodes is that there is required a specific amount of crypto-assets. Therefore, you will need a fixed amount of crypto coins to deploy a masternode.

The fees for a masternode are paid in FLS token or Bitcoin. And also, if you deploy one FLS – Flits coin masternode you will have zero fees.

Some of the coins with which you can deploy masternodes are:

Have to say that my favorite coins are Sapphire (SAPP) and Flits Token (FLS). Sapphire is the number 1 best performing Proof of Stake crypto-asset, for the 2020 year.

As well, as the staking coins, all masternode coins can be bought from the crypto exchanges listed above.

Spend crypto on the Flits App

The mobile app allows its users to spend crypto-assets with a pre-paid MasterCard, or with gift cards. Most importantly, the gift cards are available in different important and big web stores or apps. For example, Amazon, Skype, Steam, ITunes, Google Play, PlayStation, Spotify, Nintendo, Xbox, and many others.

Spend your cloud mining rewards, masternode rewards, and staking rewards
Spend your cloud mining rewards, masternode rewards, and staking rewards

Security on Flits App

With the Flits App wallet, the security is very high, and your crypto-assets are secured. The mobile app works like a DeFi wallet, meaning that only you have access to the wallet’s private keys. The private keys remain protected on your device using a secured protocol. Therefore, the cryptocurrencies remain in your possession all the time.

Also, the rewards are paid directly in your wallet, and as a result, your funds are safe as possible.

Swap crypto-assets in the Flits App

Another great feature of this mobile crypto-app is that you can swap your cryptocurrencies directly in the app.

Besides, that is giving you the possibility to store, send, receive, and take your crypto-assets everywhere you go. And also, to gain cloud mining rewards, masternode rewards, and staking rewards.

Flits app allows you to swap crypto coins inside the mobile app. With the latest update, the swap feature significantly improved. Therefore, there are many more crypto-assets to swap between. For example, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Flits coin, Dai, Sapphire, and many others.

Flits app swap feature updated
Flits app swap feature updated

Final thoughts

Flits App is here to stay helping cryptocurrency investors, and supporting the blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Also, continuously updating and adding more cryptocurrencies and great innovations.

In conclusion, I think that this app is, at its inception, bringing great and wanted features to the crypto world. For example, to gain a passive income with cloud mining rewards, masternode rewards, and staking rewards. Also, the Flits app allows you to spend and swap cryptocurrencies directly in the app.

As I promise at the beginning, here is how I use the Flits App to profit from their FLS token. I have staked some amount of FLS tokens, receiving rewards for doing so! And with the staking rewards, I constantly buy mining workers to mine Bitcoin. As a result, you will have a cloud mining process for a lifetime, not making any investment, because the amount you stake you can withdraw it at any time.

Want to try the Flits App, and start gaining from mining, staking, and masternode rewards! You can register for free, and no KYC verification is required.

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