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Mining HNT with a free Emrit miner

I have started the Helium crypto mining experience somewhere in June 2021, with a free Rak miner from Emrit. In those days, even with 20% from the profits made, I’ve earned quite an excellent amount of HNT cryptocurrency. But, since the Helium blockchain halving, which occurred in August 2021, and over than 200,000 hot-spots were activated, the profits are sitting now at an extremely low level. Continue reading my Emrit HNT mining blog post to find out if it is still worth it, how to order up to 9 free Helium hot-spots from Emrit, and how to set them up. Also, since June 2021, I’ve bought 4 more HNT hotspots, 3 Sensecap M1’s, which recently arrived, and 1 Bobcat miner, which still makes its presence desired. Therefore, if you are interested in this Helium mining business and how it will work in the future, make sure to subscribe to my channels, because I will come with additional blog posts.

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What is Emrit?

Helium blockchain is a network that uses the Proof of Coverage consensus mechanism. Accordingly, Emrit is a blockchain platform which comes in, to support supplementing coverage for the Helium blockchain, by giving free Helium hotspots into custody, for the interested people in supporting the network. This is a convenient way to enter the cryptocurrency world, and gain some free crypto passive income.

For the people who don’t know this, all hotspots, the Helium miners, including the free Emrit Coolspots, by providing coverage for the Helium blockchain, are rewarded with Helium crypto – HNT, the networks native token.

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Emrit uses an 80 – 20 profit gaining system. As a result, the company will send to the miner host, once a month, only 20% from the total mined HNT by that free Helium miner. As everybody can observe in the Helium explorer, the coverage map, there are almost 2000 free hot-spots from Emrit. Anyway, these are only on the address which includes my free Helium miner. Maybe the company has more than one Helium address. As a result, this company address earns a lot of HNT per day. Therefore, we have to give them credit for what an excellent idea they had.

HNT mining with a free Helium miner from Emrit
HNT mining with a free Helium miner from Emrit

As I mentioned at the beginning, I recently received my 3 Sensecap M1 miners. But at this point, after a couple of weeks since installation, with a strong disappointment in my head, I have to say that all 3 Sensecap M1’s are not making a significant bigger amount of HNT cryptocurrency, compared to what I receive from 1 free Emrit Coolspot. And by this, I refer to the 20% profit. Not an outstanding investment so far.

Nevertheless, regarding the Sensecap M1 miners, I have some issues with the internet provider, because I can’t open the 44158 port at the location of one of my devices, and it keeps being relayed. Moreover, it might be the placement area for such low rewards.

Anyway, I have just ordered 3 custom antennas, and I am also considering changing their position. Hoping for the best in the future and some high HNT rewards. If you are interested in how it goes, subscribe to my channels to stay updated with future Helium related articles.

How much HNT crypto can I mine with a free Coolspot from Emrit?

I think everybody is interested in this question. Before the Helium halving, my free Emrit Coolspot mined HNT really well, and as you can see in the photo below, my 20% part from the total mined cryptocurrency, reached at 57 HNT tokens. And almost 48 of them are mined before the halving. Therefore, I am pretty satisfied of how my free Helium miner performed so far, because it is free and I didn’t pay anything for it, not a single cent.

HNT rewards with the free Helium miner from Emrit
HNT rewards with the free Helium miner from Emrit

Since the Helium blockchain halving, my free miner makes a total of around 0.5 – 1 HNT per day, and in some good days it passes the value of 1 HNT per day.  But once a month, I will only receive 20% from this amount. Let’s take for example, the last month of September, my part of mined cryptocurrency was 4,57 HNT, and if we do some quick math, we can see that for something that is completely free, it makes me almost $100 per month.

Payment received from mining HNT with a free Helium miner
Payment received from mining HNT crypto with a free Helium miner

Helium mining still worth it?

I think Helium is one of the best blockchain projects so far, with some extraordinary use cases, and I see great things in the blockchain future, achieving outstanding innovations and partnerships. Therefore, I will still support the Helium blockchain, providing network coverage, and hope that the rewards will stabilize at a greater amount.

With some proper installation locations and custom antennas, I think that Helium mining is still worth it. But, more about this with another post, when I will receive my ordered antennas and the PoCv11 update will be implemented. Therefore, let’s get back to the free Helium mining.

With the free Coolspots from Emrit I believe that HNT mining is definitely worth it, because let’s face it, you don’t have to make any investments. Also, at this time, with these low rewards, I still make almost $100 monthly, only for keeping a small device at my place, connected to the internet. And remember, you can order up to 9 free Helium miners.

Therefore, anybody who has properties with internet and electricity, can host devices from Emrit, and gain some free cryptocurrency monthly. For example, I keep some of my devices at my family and also at my friends’ houses, and I give them some HNT monthly. Not to the family, these ones are held for free.

How to order Helium miners from Emrit?

First of all, be informed that Emrit uses an order selection procedure, and this is made by the hotspot installation location. As a result, not all people will be accepted into hosting free Emrit Helium miners.

Therefore, make sure that near the point of your desired positioning location, are not other Helium miners installed, below the 300 meters area. So, between the devices, it must be a distance of at least 300 meters, but not greater than 1.5 kilometers. As a result, to be accepted to receive a free Helium miner, in your area, there must be other Helium miners installed, so that yours can connect to these ones, but not under 300 meters. If these conditions are respected, you will have a chance to receive a free hot-spot from Emrit.

If you are still interested in mining Helium for free, and you have a good location to install the mining device, you need to sign up for an account on the Emrit platform. Just follow my Emrit referral link, and in this way you can also support me and my channels.

Order a free Coolspot to start your HNT mining
Order a free Coolspot to start your crypto HNT mining

Once your account is set up, you will also need to set up your Helium wallet, because you will need to receive the mined HNT cryptocurrency. The Helium wallet is available for both Android and iOS operating systems, and can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Once downloaded, set up your wallet and make sure that you keep your passphrase in a safe location, and also that nobody knows it.

Download the Helium to receive the HNT mined
Download the Helium to receive the HNT crypto mined

After your wallet is set up, return to the Emrit dashboard and simply click on order a Coolspot. Enter the specified details and add your Helium wallet address. After a while, which can take up to a few days, you will be contacted by the Emrit team via email for additional details, or simply with a response that you will receive a free Coolspot or not.

If your location is accepted to host a free Helium miner, make sure to charge with patience, because the miner will not come quickly. As I know, this is because of the global chip shortage, more specifically the short supply of components that are necessary in building the miners. And this is not going to disappear anytime soon. The pandemic period in which we live is also “helping” a lot with this.

How to set up your free Helium miner from

Once received, the free Helium miner from Emrit is setting up a little bit distinct, compared with the regular bought HNT miners. Therefore, let’s take this into simple steps:

  • Install the Coolspot antenna;
  • Connect the device on electricity;
  • The Coolspot will power up in approximately 1 minute, and if you receive a Rak V2.0 miner like I did, you will find the pairing button on the side of the device. Press that button to start pairing the Coolspot with the Helium app via Bluethooth;
  • In the Helium app, click on add new hotspot, and select Rak miner. As a result, your Coolspot should be discovered by the app;
  • Connect your device at the internet via Wi-Fi, or simply plug in the Ethernet cable. In my case, the Coolspot is connected via Ethernet cable and it works smoothly;
  • Now comes the interesting part, if the setup is correct, you will get a warning message that you don’t own this device. This is excellent, and it is the sign that your Coolspot is set up correctly, because the device is owned by Emrit, and your earnings will be visible on the Emrit dashboard;
  • After you get this message, simply click on return to pairing, and click back until you are out in your Helium wallet;
  • This is it, and your device will start synchronizing with the Helium blockchain. To mention that there will not be any on-boarding fees, because the fee for the first location comes for free on every hotspot.
Set up your free Helium miner
Set up your free Helium crypto miner

Also, the Emrit Coolspots can be moved to a new location, but for now only once, and it is necessary to get approval from the Emrit team. As a result, if you want to move a Coolspot, you will need to send a reassert form where you will specify the new location. I recently done this, but the request is only done for a few days, so no answer so far. The reassert form can be requested on the official Emrit Discord channel, which can be found on the official website, and simply ask for a reassert form, where a Bot will privately send you one.

Conclusion about free Helium mining with Emrit

I am extremely bullish about the HNT cryptocurrency, but remember that this is not a financial advice. I am far away from being a financial advisor. With frequently new partnerships with different companies that are going to use the Helium blockchain. I strongly believe that we will be going to see HNT as a top 20 cryptocurrency. Maybe not this year, but in a few years we will get there.

As for mining with the Emrit platform, for something that is exclusively free, and it can bring you approximately $100 per month in the current Helium mining conditions, I think that is definitely worth it. At least in my case.

A very useful tool to get an idea if your location is going to be any good to install a HNT mining device, and what antenna to use, is HotspotRF. You can follow this link to get 10 credits for free, and simulate a few locations and antenna gains. Moreover, if you intend to install many Helium miners, HotspotRF also has different paid plans to simulate as many locations as you want.

Simulate the HNT miner location with HotspotRF
Simulate the HNT miner location with HotspotRF

Where to trade HNT crypto or transform it into FIAT?

The Helium cryptocurrency can be traded on many cryptocurrency exchanges. But also, on the number 1 cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Also, you can use the Binance debit card to transform your crypto into fiat, or pay directly with cryptocurrency.

If you are new to Binance, register with my referral link and get 5% off at the trading fees. Simply press the button below and follow the steps. This way, you can also support my channels.

Another top blockchain platform to support the Helium cryptocurrency is, which I have to express that it is my top favorite crypto app. Moreover, the Visa cards dominate this type of service, and I think that has the best crypto cards in the blockchain world, with many benefits.

Also, if you are new to, you can get $25 as a sign-up bonus when you register my referral link, and once you order a metal card. Note that, the metal cards require to stake the native token CRO – Coin in the app. Observe here the staking requirements for every metal card from

Thank you for reading my article with the free crypto HNT mining with Emrit. I hope this is helpful to you. Feel free to share and subscribe to my little blog. Also, visit and follow me on my other channels, Youtube, LBRY and Odysee, Pinterest, FacebookPublish0xInstagramTwitter.

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