Massive Merchant Token ICO changes | Bonus rounds

Merchant token bonus phases

Massive Merchant token ICO launchpad changes. The Merchant Token ICO is already in phase 100, with over $40 million raised until now. But the Hips team made a big announcement. There will be twenty bonus phases in the Merchant token launchpad, and if all MTO tokens are sold until June 30, 2021, the listing price of the MTO token will be $4,20. This will mean some huge gains for the early investors. Was this a good decision from the Hips company?

Check out here my initial Merchant Token review, and also the news regarding their partnership, which can be found on my YouTube channel.

What changes were made to the ICO launchpad?

As seen in the company announcements, the bonus rounds tokens come from the grant pool, and they didn’t increase the total supply. Therefore, the total supply remains at 100 million MTO tokens.

Merchant token ICO launchpad changes
Merchant token ICO launchpad changes – Bonus rounds

As I said at the beginning, the Merchant Token ICO extended with twenty bonus phases, in which the price of one MTO token will increase with every phase. If all the tokens are sold until June 30, 2021, the price of one MTO will be $4,20, which will also be the listing price on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The listing program continues as planned, and the first listing will be on Uniswap on July 12, 2021, according to their roadmap, and the first centralized exchange will be on August 19, 2021.

Was this a good idea from the Hips team?

As I have seen on social media, the opinions are split regarding these extra phases. Some people just want to buy more, and to others, this approach came with some questions about their credibility.

Merchant token ICO launchpad
Merchant token ICO launchpad

As a personal opinion, but as I always said, everybody should do their own research when investing in cryptocurrency, the Hips company is a big player in the payment industry, and seems to be pretty serious about their businesses. But, about these bonus rounds, I still don’t see them as necessary. It is true that these bonus rounds will bring some huge gains for the early investors, me being one of them. But, this also comes with a high probability of a massive dump at exchange listing, which will not be so great for the late investors.

Even with the split opinions from the Merchant Token community, the launchpad is still moving forward at a high pace, and the dollars keep on coming.

Merchant Token withdrawal address and supported wallets

I have seen on social media many questions about how to withdraw the MTO from the launchpad. So, in the Merchant token launchpad, there will be a field to enter the withdrawal address. Users will just need to paste their Ethereum based crypto wallet address in that field.

The compatible wallets are Metamask for PC and MAC, Trust Wallet, MEW wallet (My Ether Wallet), Kanga exchange wallet for PC and MAC, Atomic Wallet for iOS, and the ERC-20 token Wallet for Android. I recommend using the Metamask wallet, or the Trust wallet, these two work the best for me.

The MTO withdrawals will be made in batches by the team, starting with July 1st, 2021, according to their announcements. 

Also, the users who already entered the withdrawal address will have a chance to change it after the ICO will end. Just make sure to stay updated with the MTO announcements. For now, the official announcements channel is their Twitter account.

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