Midas Investments Review | High APY rewards on Bitcoin, Ethereum and DEFI

Midas Investments review

HAPPY NEW YEAR my beautiful readers!!! Like almost always, the crypto market is highly volatile, and in these days, we still don’t know for certain if the bull market is over or we didn’t see the top prices yet for most leading cryptocurrencies. I believe we will see higher prices in the months to come, and the bear and bull markets will not be like they were before. Why do I say this? Well, because of the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, which is higher than in the previous bear markets, with many institutions and countries holding Bitcoin. In these times of uncertainty, I try to accumulate more cryptocurrencies and one of the best ways is to stake and gain rewards over my idled crypto assets. One of the best platforms that I use and has some very high APY’s for the top cryptocurrencies is Midas Investments, that I use for quite some time. Moreover, recently Midas performed an upgrade, which is pretty fascinating, with a transition of the Midas Token to Fantom blockchain. Therefore, if you want to find out more about Midas and how to gain a 23% APY on Ethereum, 17% APY on Bitcoin, and some other high APY’s at stable coins and DEFI assets, check out my entire Midas Investments review.

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What is Midas Investments platform?

As the name sounds, Midas Investments is a crypto investment platform which offers its users a passive income for their held cryptocurrencies. Also, these days it provides some of the highest yields on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – BTC, Ethereum – ETH, Tether – USDT, USD Coin – USDC, Avalanche – AVAX, Binance Coin – BNB, Fantom – FTM, and many others. For example, Ethereum has an APY of 23%, Bitcoin has 17%, just like the Binance Coin, Fantom, and Avalanche, while the stable coins have an APY of 19%.

High APY rewards on Midas Investments platform
High APY rewards on Midas Investments platform

It is a user-friendly platform, very simple to use, and the sign-up process is also absolutely effortless, making Midas Investments perfect for a cryptocurrency beginner. Also, another great thing which I think every crypto enthusiast will enjoy is that so far Midas Investments doesn’t require KYC – know your customer – verification process. But this might change in the future.

Midas platform already operates for about four years, but since I first started using its staking and earning services, the platform upgraded a lot. Recently, Midas Investments integrated a swap exchange for the cryptocurrencies supported by the platform, where users can easily swap between their cryptos. Also, the native token Midas migrated to Fantom blockchain, and this is one of the most impressive upgrades in my opinion, Fantom being a highly scalable and high performance blockchain, and it will offer Midas a nice environment to flourish.

Swap exchange on Midas Investments platform
Swap exchange on Midas Investments platform

The crypto funds staked on Midas Investments don’t have a lock-up period and every crypto asset can be withdrawn at any time. But, note that Midas Investments is a custodial platform, and your deposited crypto assets will be used to generate these high yields. More specifically, Midas uses different strategies to generate profits for its users, like volatility prediction, correlation, collateral asset models, hedged token farming, DEFI strategies, and so on. This will take us to the next point.

How Midas Investments generates these high profits?

In the summer of 2021, Midas platform also performed another big upgrade, transitioning from the masternode coins investments to the DEFI world, listing this year some notable cryptocurrencies like Uniswap – UNI, Dai – DAI, Aave – AAVE, Cosmos – ATOM, Avalanche – AVAX, SushiSwap – SUSHI, and others.

Using some DEFI strategies, Midas Investments can bring presently these high rewards for the platform’s users. I believe this is a great improvement, because the DEFI world is still on the rise and will continue to grow in the years to come. In 2021 the DEFI coins didn’t rise so much in value like the many other crypto coins, but in the years to follow, I expect the decentralized finance – DEFI – to be again on top just like in 2019. I think the year of 2021 was an overall meme coin and an NFT year for the crypto space.

Midas platform investment opportunities
Midas platform investment opportunities

Some of the most used DEFI strategies presented by the Midas Investments team are:

  • Concentrated liquidity provider for the decentralized exchange Uniswap V3. This type of strategy brings rewards from the trading fees, because as you might know, the liquidity providers on Uniswap gain a nice percentage from the trading fees;
  • Putting the crypto assets at work in Yield vaults on decentralized platforms like Yearn.finance and for some low gas fees, the Midas team interacts with the smart contracts during the non-congestion hours of Ethereum blockchain;
  • Combining the liquidity provided with a stable coin to hedge from crypto market recessions. In DEFI, the most used trading pairs are with stable coins like USDT, and according to the Midas team, this strategy can bring gains of up to 150% APR;
  • Leveraged liquidity farming. This strategy involves borrowing over the position created by Midas team in a liquidity pair, and it can bring higher rewards than in standard LP farming.

These are only some of the DEFI strategies used by Midas and all involve risks. But according to the team, combining all the strategies, the rewards for a single asset can reach up to 40% APR, and part of these profits are used to counteract some major DEFI risks like token price drops.

How to invest and how are the profits paid to Midas users?

As I previously said there is NO KYC on Midas Investments yet, but this might change in the future. Also, the registration process is very simple, and new users of Midas can register with their Discord account or their Google account, these two being the only options. Midas states that sometime in the future they will be adding the registration via password, but for now Discord and Google have their own 2FA security features for an extra safety layer.

Sign-up options on Midas platform
Sign-up options on Midas platform

To invest with Midas Investments is pretty easy, just like sending your crypto assets in any other crypto wallet. Once you have your account set-up, you can send your desired supported cryptocurrency in your wallet address from the Midas platform. Let’s just say that you want to earn 17% APY on Bitcoin, and use the biggest cryptocurrency for a quick example. I also made a Chainlink deposit from my Celsius Network account, and this situation I will capture in a YouTube video in the next days.

Deposit cryptocurrency from any exchange
Deposit cryptocurrency on Midas from any exchange

To explain to you in this quick example, I used the Birake exchange to send some Bitcoin in my Midas account. By the way, Birake has the lowest withdrawal fees for Bitcoin at the time of writing this article, 0.00001 BTC per withdrawal. So, in the Midas Investments platform, you will need to click on the Invest button and a Bitcoin unit card/window will open. Here you will find the option to deposit crypto. Click on Deposit, and you will see your personal Bitcoin investment wallet address. Send your Bitcoin to that wallet address and after 24 hours since the deposit is confirmed, the amount of Bitcoin held on Midas platform will start to generate profits.

The profits are paid daily in the cryptocurrency you hold on Midas Investments, and your crypto assets will auto compound with every profit made. More specifically, you will start and gain profits from the total amount including the profits. As you can see in my Chainlink – LINK crypto hodled on Midas, every day the rewards will increase, as long as the APY stays at 12%. There are other investment systems on the platform and the profits from these ones are paid once a week, but more about this further below.

Daily Chainlink rewards with Midas Investments
Daily Chainlink rewards with Midas Investments

According to Midas Investments, these high APY rewards might not stay for long at these rates, therefore I try to make a profit for as long as I can. Also, when you deposit crypto assets on Midas platform make sure you send cryptocurrencies on the same supported network. Additionally, you will have a notice about the supported type of cryptocurrency under the deposit address, for example ERC-20 for most of the DEFI assets, Fantom blockchain for the Midas token, and so forth.

Deposit crypto on Midas platform on the same chain
Deposit crypto on Midas platform on the same chain

Speaking of Midas token, let’s take a look and see some details about it and why I think it is a good investment for the future. This is not a financial advice, just my personal opinion regarding Midas Investments platform and Midas token. If you want to invest, firstly do a thorough research, and if your conclusion is the same as mine, use my affiliate link to start gaining rewards with Midas.

Midas token details

Midas token is behind the Midas Investments platform and it powers the ecosystem. With a recent upgrade, Midas token was swapped to Fantom, which is a high performance blockchain that surely will provide additional value to the Midas Investments network.

Midas token has a total supply of 5 million tokens with less than half in circulation at this time. In my opinion this is a rather low supply and combined with a pretty low market capital, Midas has a lot of space to grow in price, once the demand for Midas token increases. The token also offers an APY of 30% to the platform users, being specifically designed to produce yield and give additional utility to holders.

Midas token staking
Midas token staking

Also, being now a Fantom blockchain based token, holders of Midas can also provide liquidity on two decentralized Fantom established exchanges to earn additional rewards. More specifically, SpiritSwap and BombSwap, on which Midas token can also be bought and traded.

In early December 2021, Midas Investments also introduced a Payout Split Program for Midas token, developed to increase the utility and connect platform growth with the Midas market. As a result, every user of Midas Investments who invests in any coin or token on the platform will directly contribute to asset flow on the Midas token market.

How to buy the Midas token?

Mentioning above about the two Fantom based decentralized exchanges, SpiritSwap and BombSwap, Midas Token can be bought from these two using FTM or any other supported cryptocurrency if there is enough liquidity. To buy Midas tokens on these two exchanges, you will need a crypto wallet that works with Fantom blockchain, and the most widely used is Metamask, a crypto wallet that works with practically all smart contract enabled blockchains.

Spiritswap exchange on Fantom blockchain
Spiritswap exchange on Fantom blockchain

A simpler way to buy Midas tokens is directly on Midas Investments platform using the Swap feature, which was recently integrated on Midas environment, and it’s a function that replaced a traditional cryptocurrency exchange, Midas Exchange. I think the Swap feature is the better one, working just like a decentralized exchange, and it is also pretty fast.

Swap Midas directly on the platform
Swap Midas directly on the platform

Midas token can be bought with multiple cryptocurrencies on the platform, and you just need to select a pair from the swap window, choose the amount you want to spend, and continue with the trade. Simple as that.

How to withdraw crypto from Midas Investments?

As I said above, there is no lock-up period for the deposited crypto funds on Midas Investments, and the cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn at any time. Using this platform for a long time I made some withdrawals and all worked smoothly.

To withdraw is pretty simple, and you just need to enter in your crypto unit card of deposited cryptocurrency. Once the card is opened, select the withdraw button. Here you will need to enter the wallet address where you want to send the crypto funds, the amount to send, and afterwards just click on withdraw.

How to withdraw crypto from Midas platform
How to withdraw crypto from Midas platform

If you have enabled the 2FA security option from settings, which I strongly recommend to do so, you will get a one-time security code sent to you, in order to confirm your withdrawal. After you will enter this code, your withdrawal will be processed. Until now, I didn’t encounter any trouble with Midas platform, and all my deposits and withdrawals worked properly.

Other investments strategies on Midas – SYAP, MN YAP, and DEFI YAP

These three investment opportunities on Midas are called YAP’sYield Automated Portfolio’s with diversified strategies on gaining a passive income and with different levels of risk. The profits made from the YAP’s are paid once a week in Bitcoin, and just like in the regular Midas investments, there is no lock-up period, users being able to withdraw their invested crypto assets at any time.

The Yield Automated Portfolio’s on Midas Investments contain multiple assets in one investment, with some different token percentage allocation. For example, in a DEFI YAP strategy, there will be eight tokens with an allocation of 12,5% for each. Also, all YAP’s will be monthly rebalanced to equalize the portfolio, and all the process is automated.

Yield Automated Portfolio's on Midas Investments
Yield Automated Portfolio’s on Midas Investments

So, let’s take every YAP strategy and see what tokens it includes and how much users of Midas platform can gain with these three:

  • SYAP Stable Yield Automated Portfolio – presently with 23% annual interest, this investment strategy has medium rewards and the lowest risk from the three. It contains 35% Bitcoin, 35% Ethereum, 15% Midas, and 15% USDT;
  • MN YAPMasternode Yield Automated Portfolio – at this moment with 25% annual interest, this investment strategy has medium rewards and a high risk. It contains 8 cryptocurrencies with a proportion of 12,5% each, and these cryptos are Bitcoin, Midas, Horizen, Energi, Phore, Divi, ESBC, and FIRO;
  • DEFI YAPDeFi Yield Automated Portfolio – presently with 28% annual interest. This strategy comes with the highest rewards from the three, and with a medium risk. Like MN YAP, it contains 8 cryptocurrencies with 12.5% percentage allocation, and these cryptos are Ethereum, Chainlink, Sushiswap, Aave, Midas, Uniswap, DAI, and Synthetix.
How to invest in a Yield Automated Portfolio on Midas Investments
How to invest in a Yield Automated Portfolio on Midas Investments

To invest in a Yield Automated Portfolio is pretty easy, and the users of Midas Investments just need to use the swap feature and trade their desired cryptocurrency with one of the YAP’s. The automated process will begin, and one cryptocurrency will be swapped in one multiple crypto investment strategy.


Using Midas Investments for more than a year, I keep some of my cryptocurrency funds on the platform to accumulate more crypto coins. For me it all worked well, without any problems to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency. Also, regarding the NO KYC procedure on Midas, I have to say that this is a great thing, the registration process being as simple as it can be, and the whole process of signing up can be done in under a minute.

As I said, Midas Investments is a custodial platform of investments, and all the crypto funds deposited will be used to generate profits for the users who stake crypto. This might be an inconvenience for most of you, but if you still want to invest and gain a passive income with Midas, do a thorough research before investing.

These days, Midas Investments has some of the biggest APY returns for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Chainlink, Fantom, Cosmos, stable coins like USDT, DAI, BUSD, USDC, and many other big cryptocurrencies. Also, with the YAP strategies, Midas offers additional investment opportunities for the platform’s users to make a passive income from cryptos.

To stay updated with the Midas Investments platform news, I suggest joining their Discord channel, and the invitation can be found on the official website.

Thank you for reading my article of my review of the Midas Investments platform. I hope this is helpful to you. Feel free to share and subscribe to my little blog. Also, visit and follow me on my other channels, Youtube, LBRY and Odysee, Pinterest, Facebook, Publish0x, Instagram, Twitter.

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