Mint and manage your Unstoppable Domains NFT’s for FREE

Mint and manage for free Unstoppable Domains NFT's

Unstoppable Domains is one of my favorite blockchain platforms, and one of the first to review since I’ve begun to create my little crypto blog, and my other crypto channels. Therefore, Unstoppable Domains will also be one of the first blog posts, since I eliminated a lot of stress from my mind, feeling honestly happy and free. The 6th of December 2021 is the day I quit my job, and in the next day my resignation document was approved. Couldn’t be happier about this. Anyway, let’s get back to free minting and managing your blockchain domains NFT’s from Unstoppable Domains. Using Polygon blockchain, buyers of blockchain domains NFT’s from the Unstoppable Domains company can now mint and manage their NFT’s completely for free. Unstoppable Domains will cover all gas fees with this latest integration of the Polygon blockchain. In this blog post, you will discover how to mint and manage your Unstoppable Domains NFT’s for free, what crypto wallets to use to mint your NFT, with a guide for the crypto wallet that I use, and also other updates from Unstoppable Domains. Therefore, keep reading my free minting blockchain domains NFT blog post, and if you like this, opt to like, share and subscribe to my little crypto channels. Also, if you consider buying NFT domains from Unstoppable Domains, you can use my affiliate link, and in this way you can support my channels.

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What does minting an NFT domain represent?

You bought your blockchain domain NFT, and now what do you do with it? The first step after buying an NFT domain from Unstoppable Domains is to mint this NFT and prove your ownership. I know that most of you who have been in the crypto space for some time understand what minting an NFT domain means. But for the newcomers in the blockchain domain area, minting is simply claiming your purchased blockchain domain NFT. And in this way, you also prove that you are the owner of this specific domain NFT.

Mint Unstoppable Domains NFT's for free
Mint Unstoppable Domains NFT’s for free

To mint your Unstoppable Domains NFT, you will need a crypto wallet. And to mint it for free, you will need a crypto wallet that works with the Polygon blockchain. Therefore, below you will find out what wallets you can use to mint your NFT’s from Unstoppable Domains. Also you will find a step-by-step guide on how to mint your blockchain domain NFT with the Coinbase wallet on the Polygon blockchain.

Furthermore, after minting your blockchain domain, you can sell it, donate it, add cryptocurrencies wallet address to simply receive multiple cryptos, or build your own decentralized website. For more details, you can see my other related Unstoppable Domains blog posts.

What crypto wallets can I use to mint and manage my NFT blockchain domains for free?

With the integration of Polygon blockchain and the level 2 scaling solution with Polygon, Unstoppable Domains will cover all the gas fees for your blockchain domains NFT’s bought. Therefore, to claim and manage your NFT blockchain domains completely for free, you will need a crypto wallet that supports the Polygon blockchain.

The most used crypto wallets that support the Polygon blockchain are:

  • Metamask crypto wallet. You can check out my KCC article to see the easy way to add multiple blockchains to Metamask, using the Chainlist website. But, as a quick guide for the Polygon blockchain, just go to, connect your Metamask wallet, search for Polygon, and add the blockchain to Metamask;
Add Polygon to Metamask
Add Polygon to Metamask
  • Coinbase wallet. This is the one I use for most of my blockchain domains NFT’s from Unstoppable Domains;
  • Trust wallet. But be informed that Trust wallet works only on Android devices with the Polygon blockchain;
  • Huobi wallet;
  • MyEtherWallet;
  • AlphaWallet;
  • imToken wallet;
  • Pillar wallet.

As I said, I used the Coinbase wallet to mint my latest blockchain domains NFT’s from Unstoppable Domains entirely for free. On this note let’s take a step by step guide on how to mint an NFT domain from Unstoppable Domains using the Coinbase wallet.

The following step by step guide can also work with the other crypto wallets, not only with the Coinbase wallet. The one aspect to consider is that the other wallets menus and settings will be different.

How to mint blockchain domains NFT’s from Unstoppable Domains using the Coinbase wallet?

First of all, you will need the Coinbase wallet, and for the new users at Coinbase, know that this wallet is different from the Coinbase exchange app. But, if wanted, the two apps can be connected once your profile is set up. Also, note that new users of the Coinbase exchange app can get $10 in Bitcoin for free, if the registration is done with my referral link, and once an amount equal or greater than $100 is traded on the app.

Free minted NFT blockchain domains
Free minted NFT blockchain domains

Now, once you have the Coinbase wallet set up, you will need to change the network to work on Polygon. Therefore, follow these steps to mint your Unstoppable Domains NFT’s for free:

  • Log in to your Unstoppable Domains account. Or, if you don’t have one yet, register here and acquire your first blockchain domain NFT;
  • Once you bought one or multiple blockchain domains NFT’s, hover over Domains, and go to My Domains;
  • Here you will have a list with your blockchain domains, and click on Free mint;
  • Next you will get a notification window, click on Continue to free mint your domain NFT;
  • Confirm your Identity. In my case, it is a unique code sent by email. Enter the code received and click on Confirm;
  • Next step is to choose your wallet. My Coinbase wallet is already added, because I claimed before some other domains on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, the cryptocurrency address will be the same for the Polygon blockchain as for the Ethereum. But, to add your Coinbase wallet, follow the next steps;
  • Click on Add new wallet;
  • Choose the Coinbase wallet;
  • Now, open your Coinbase wallet on the mobile phone;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Go to Connections and choose Default Network;
  • Select Polygon and return to your wallet;
Mint Unstoppable Domains NFT's for free using Coinbase wallet
Mint Unstoppable Domains NFT’s for free using Coinbase wallet
  • Now scan the QR code generated by Unstoppable Domains with your Coinbase wallet;
  • Once connected, you will see your wallet added, and now you can click on your wallet’s cryptocurrency address;
  • Next you will get a notification window that your domain NFT will be assigned to that cryptocurrency address. Also, be informed that this transaction is not reversible. Therefore, choose carefully what wallet you use, and by this I point to a well secured crypto wallet, and one that only you have access to the private keys;
  • Select I understand and click on Confirm;
  • The minting process will start, and now you can see the transaction pending;
  • Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, after approximately two hours, you will receive the blockchain domain NFT in your wallet.
Blockchain domains NFT minted process started
Blockchain domains NFT minted process started

This is it, and now you can do the same for all your NFT domains from Unstoppable Domains.

How to manage your Unstoppable Domains NFT’s for free?

Once your blockchain domains NFT’s from Unstoppable Domains are minted, you can enter the management zone of every NFT domain owned. If domains are minted on the Polygon blockchain, you can manage these domains completely for free. Now let’s see what you can do with your NFT domains.

  • Add cryptocurrencies wallet addresses for more simplified transactions;
  • Create your decentralized website using the Unstoppable Domains templates, upload your websites files directly, or link an already owned website. I will try to link my blog with a blockchain domain NFT I recently bought, and shortly I will make an update post on how it works;
  • Edit your domain profile. More specifically, display name, description, location, contact email, or social accounts;
  • A new released feature is to connect your other owned NFTs as a profile picture;
  • Transfer the blockchain domain to another cryptocurrency wallet address;
  • Sell your NFT domain. There are two options in the Unstoppable Domains dashboard. One is to list the blockchain domain on OpenSea, and the second is to list it for sale on the Unstoppable Domains website, and just wait for the buyers to arrive.
Manage blockchain domains NFT's for free
Manage blockchain domains NFT’s for free

Being roughly the beginning for the domains minted on the Polygon blockchain, there are not so many apps that support Polygon yet, as it’s the case of the domains minted on Ethereum. But, the Polygon blockchain is expanding day by day, and I am absolutely confident that in the near future we will see great updates for the NFT’s domains minted on Polygon.

Moreover, Unstoppable Domains intends to build a bridge between the two blockchains. And by doing this, users who desire can transfer their NFT domains to Polygon for free management, or back to Ethereum blockchain. As you might have noticed, users of the blockchain domains NFT’s minted on Ethereum still have to pay management fees.

If you still don’t own a blockchain domain NFT from Unstoppbale Domains, click the button below with my affiliate link, and find your next cool domain. Using my link, you can support my channels with no other extra cost for you. Moreover, check my other related blog posts to see how to buy with a 10% rebate.

At the moment, there are still some Premium 3 character domains NFT’s on the official Unstoppable Domains online shop.


As I previously said in my other posts, Unstoppable Domains is a company that improves its services continuously. And now with the layer 2 scaling solution with Polygon blockchain, users don’t have to spend any other fees for minting and managing their blockchain domains NFT’s. We all know what enormous fees the Ethereum blockchain has at this moment. Therefore, every interested person in buying a blockchain domain will save a lot crypto in fees.

Sell blockchain domains NFT's on OpenSea
Sell blockchain domains NFT’s on OpenSea

Also, with the integration of Polygon blockchain, after you purchase your blockchain domain NFT from Unstoppable Domains, there will be no fees relating to this domain. Because, as you might know, purchases are a one-time payment with no other expenses, unlike the traditional domains.

If interested in buying a blockchain domain NFT, follow my affiliate link and find your next cool NFT domain. Also, you can choose from 10 domain extensions, like .x, .crypto, .bitcoin, .wallet, and other cool extensions. Moreover, with a recent update, Unstoppable Domains NFT domains start from a price of $5. But if you want a premium one, it will cost a lot more.

At this moment, there are available some very cool 3 character Premium NFT blockchain domains on the official Unstoppable Domains website, but they are a little bit pricey for me. If interested, check the Premium NFT drop using the button below.

Thank you for reading my article about the premium first name NFT’s domain extensions from Unstoppable Domains. Feel free to share this post, and subscribe to my little blog. Also, visit and follow me on my other channels, Youtube, LBRY and Odysee, Pinterest, Facebook, Publish0x, Instagram, Twitter.

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