New crypto domain extensions from Unstoppable Domains

New crypto domain extensions

Continuously upgrading, Unstoppable Domains offers now some very cool new domain extensions. The crypto domain registrar company introduces new crypto domain extensions which I really like, and also I have already purchased some of them. If you are new to Unstoppable Domains check out my original blog post to find out more. Additionally, keep on reading this article and find out more about the new crypto domain extensions, or press the button below to buy a blockchain domain starting with a price of $20.

Moreover, Unstoppable Domains with the .crypto and .zil extensions are now supported by the world-leading crypto wallet provider, more specifically This means more simplified cryptocurrency transactions for the users of wallets.

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The new crypto domain extensions

Until now, there were only two domain extensions from Unstoppable Domains, and these were .zil and .crypto. With this new update, the registrar company offers eight new domain extensions, and in my opinion, these are very cool. With my personal favorite .x domain extension, which is short, stylish, premium, and offers quite an impression.

New crypto domain extensions
New crypto domain extensions from Unstoppable Domains

These are the eight new blockchain domain extensions from Unstoppable Domains:

  • .coin – for example mydomain.coin;
  • .wallet – for example mybitcoin.wallet;
  • .bitcoin – for example sendme.bitcoin;
  • .x – my personal favorite and for the example cryptofiveo.x which I already bought. Also, I looked for a domain name with some earning potential regarding the current crypto market. Check it out at the end.
  • .888 – for example fortune.888;
  • .nft – for example mycool.nft;
  • .dao – for example governance.dao;
  • .blockchain – my second favorite and for the example freedom.blockchain.

All domain extensions, including .zil and .crypto, can be purchased starting with a price of $20, with no renewal fees. It is a one-time payment and the user will own it for a lifetime. Check out my Unstoppable Domains review to view the full details, and also some premium domain extensions – NFT’s from the Unstoppable Domains company.

The blockchain domains with the new extension .blockchain will be available in a pre-sale sometimes later this year. Also, these eight new domain extensions will not be right away claimable. According to Unstoppable Domains, there is still work to be done in the background, but it will not take long until it is done. More specifically it will last a few more weeks.

Purchased domain names
Purchased domain names

Also, according to the Unstoppable Domains company, all the new domain extensions will have the same use cases as the first two ones, .zil and .crypto.

Where to use the domains from Unstoppable Domains?

As I previously mentioned in my other Unstoppable Domains related articles, besides that users can build their decentralized website, with the blockchain domains, users can easily send cryptocurrency to any blockchain domain. This, without the need to enter every time the long cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

Nowadays, Unstoppable Domains are continuously upgrading and associates with different blockchain companies. As a result, the domains are supported by multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto hardware wallet providers, hot wallet providers, and multiple blockchain companies and applications. The full list of companies that supports Unstoppable Domains, can be found here, on the official website.

Apps that support the blockchain domains
Apps that support the blockchain domains from Unstoppable Domains

One of the biggest wallet providers, the platform, with a recent update, now supports the blockchain domains .zil and .crypto from Unstoppable Domains. Also, the cryptocurrency wallets from can be easily connected with the cryptocurrency exchange, for an easy asset transfer between the wallet and exchange.

Other big cryptocurrency exchanges that support blockchain domains are the WhiteBit, OKEx, and OKCoin exchanges. Moreover, I strongly believe that Unstoppable Domains will continue to connect with more and more blockchain companies, including other cryptocurrency exchanges. The company is here for the decentralized future and I see it getting bigger and bigger.

If you are a new user of OKEx, you can benefit from $10 in Bitcoin once you make a first crypto purchase of $100 or more via Buy/Sell. Also, it might be necessary to pass the KYC verification.

Cryptocurrency wallets that support blockchain domains

Two of the biggest hardware wallet manufacturers that supports the blockchain domains from Unstoppable Domains, are:

  • Keystone , formerly known as Cobo Vault;
  • D’Cent hardware wallets.

Besides the wallets, there are multiple wallet providers that support the blockchain domains. I will not mention all of them, only a few that I personally use. Also, you can view the full list on the official website. Therefore, these are some of the wallet providers:

  • Coinbase wallet – decentralized crypto wallet. Also, the Coinbase wallet can be used to store the blockchain domains and it can be easily connected with the Coinbase exchange;
  • wallet – can be used to buy, sell, store your crypto;
  • MyEtherWallet – Ethereum blockchain-based wallet;
  • Trust Wallet – multiple blockchains supported. Also, can be used to store the blockchain domains;
  • QuiverX – crypto wallet with trading solutions;
  • MathWallet – a cross-chain cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Huobi Wallet – decentralized wallet released by Huobi Global with a Dapp browser;
  • Atomic Wallet – a non-custodial decentralized cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Coinomi Wallet – global cryptocurrency wallet. Also, can be used to store the blockchain domains.

Final words of the new crypto domain extensions

Being a very enthusiastic person about cryptocurrency, I find these eight new domain extensions from Unstoppable Domains to be exceptional. In these crazy times with cryptocurrency markets, and the association of Elon Musk with different cryptocurrencies, I have searched for space.x domain name, the previous day. But it seems to be unavailable at this moment. Bad luck.

Although the blockchain domain market is present for quite some while, it is constantly growing. I personally think that the blockchain domains will get more and more attention in the future, and it is going to be a profitable market. With some good research to find some cool new crypto domain names, everyone can resell them in a beneficial approach.

payment optiones to buy blockchain domains
Payment options to buy blockchain domains from Unstoppable Domains

If you are looking to buy a new blockchain domain or multiple, just press the button below and search for your cool crypto domain. It is very easy to buy, with multiple payments systems. Before I bought the latest domains, Unstoppable Domains credited my account with some store credits. Therefore, the five domains purchased only cost me $20. Have to say that I paid with cryptocurrency, more specifically with the app, and the platform’s native cryptocurrency, the CRO coin.

I didn’t read all the updates from Unstoppable Domains, so I was pretty surprised to see my credited balance. The store credits were given to the users who previously bought blockchain domains. Therefore, if you bought before, it is probably to have some store credits in your Unstoppable Domains account. If you do, make sure to spend the funds within 90 days from the time credited. Otherwise, the credits will be canceled.

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