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Nuri free crypto card

Bitwala evolves and becomes Nuri – ”The new reality of banking‘. With Nuri, users can mix their bank account with Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency wallets. Also, spend cryptocurrency with the free Nuri debit card. This is the next generation bank, where Nuri links together the bank accounts with the decentralized world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. I am using Nuri services for quite some time, therefore, continue reading my Nuri review and find out how to receive the free Nuri debit card, and begin your journey with the new reality of banking.

Bitwala evolves into Nuri
Bitwala evolves and becomes Nuri
Nuri video review – Ex Bitwala bank

What is Nuri?

Nuri is a German-based company in the city of Berlin. Under the name of Bitwala, it was the first company to offer a regular bank account, cryptocurrency wallets, and crypto trading, all in one platform. It was founded in 2013 by three crypto enthusiasts, with the idea to pay for everyday products with Bitcoin.

Nuri review - New reality banking
Nuri – New reality banking

In 2018, Nuri revived and had a new inception after their bank partner shut down. As a result, after the company was forced to cease its operations, with a new bank partner, more specifically with the German bank Solaris, Nuri regained its access to traditional finance and connected again to both centralized and decentralized systems.

Nuri is full of transparency, and you can meet the team on the official website. Behind the company is a young and very serious crew regarding their handled business.

By the way, if you are looking for a job in a new reality banking system, Nuri is expanding and is hiring people. Press here if you are interested in joining Nuri, and start your career in a blockchain bank. For non-German speaker colleagues, they also offer free German classes.

Nuri features

Even at this time, 12 years after 2009, when the Bitcoin blockchain was launched. We still cannot buy day-to-day products directly with cryptocurrency. As a result, we need to change our crypto-assets in regular money.

Also, I see that more and more online stores accept cryptocurrency. As a result, I think that we will get there, but it will still take some time to reach the point where we can pay directly with cryptocurrency, for our day-to-day products. Therefore, Nuri offers a quick trading method between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EURO.

Nuri banking and debit card
Nuri banking and debit card

With Nuri, users will have the most needed innovations for a crypto enthusiast and crypto investor that are also available on a mobile app, laptop, or desktop computer.

  1. bank account in EUR currency. When starting using Nuri, users will open a free bank account on their partner, Solaris Bank;
  2. Non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, for Bitcoin and Ethereum, named Vaults;
  3. Custodial cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are only available on the Nuri mobile app;
  4. Free Visa contactless Nuri Debit Card;
  5. A mobile app with which you can manage all your funds. And also, trade cryptocurrency for EURO currency;
  6. A Bitcoin interest account, where you can put your Bitcoin to work and gain some interest;
  7. A referral program, with which users can invite friends to join the new reality of banking, and both gain a reward of 15 EUR. Very good feature if you have a large circle of friends!!! Be informed that this can’t be spread out as a commercial service, it is as it says “Refer a friend”!
  8. Easy CryptoTax. A full legal report of your crypto transactions, with just a few clicks to easily declare your transactions.
Nuri free crypto card
Nuri review – Free crypto card and mobile app

The bank account

This is a free bank account. More specifically, there is no cost at opening a bank account with Nuri, and also no fee for the management of your account.

As I said above, new users of Nuri will need to open a bank account. And the bank account will be opened at the Nuri partner bank, the German-based SolarisBank AG.

Nuri bank account
Nuri bank account overview

Also, all the user’s EURO funds, but up to 100,000 EUR, are protected by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS). Therefore, the fiat funds are safe and protected by German laws and regulations.

On the Nuri bank account, you can even receive your salary.

Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets

Once the verification process is completed, and you gain access to the Nuri account, you can start setting up your Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto wallets.

The cryptocurrency wallets named Vaults are non-custodial, meaning that only you have access to your private keys. Be diligent and secure your private keys, recommended being managed in an offline environment. Bitcoin and Ethereum vaults are useful for users who hold larger amounts of cryptocurrency and seek a secure environment to keep their crypto assets.

Ethereum Vault
Ethereum Vault

The custodial cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum can only be accessed from the Nuri mobile app. These wallets are useful for cryptocurrency beginners, with an easier method to set them out. Also, if you are a crypto beginner, don’t worry, Nuri has a useful guide when beginning your journey and opening an account. You will be guided on how to open and set up your account.

With the Nuri crypto wallets and crypto Vaults, users can easily receive and send Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The free Nuri Debit Card

I received my Nuri card, while the company was named Bitwala. The card was shipped in approximately three weeks, after my verification process was completed, and passed the KYC verification. By the way, the free crypto debit card was shipped in Romania.

Nuri free debit card
Nuri free debit card

When I first started using Nuri services, the free card was issued under the Mastercard International license. With these recent updates, the card provider changed from Mastercard to Visa. Therefore, the new users of Nuri will receive a free crypto Visa card.

The Nuri debit card is made from plastic material, but with a modern appearance, and also, it is a good-looking debit card.

Bitwala card
Bitwala card

Also, the Nuri card comes with a contactless feature and can be used worldwide. I use this card for everyday purchases, and it works very well for me. Also, with no fees at paying for products or ATM withdrawals.

The Nuri card has zero fees for everything, but with a maximum offline disposal limit of 3000 EUR and an online limit of 5000 EUR, per day in both cases. Also, keep in mind that some ATMs will charge their own fee, which is not processed by Nuri.

The only fee for your free card is when and if you will ever need a replacement card. This service will cost you 9.50 EUR.

Nuri mobile app

The mobile app is available on both Android and IOS platforms. With it, you can manage your assets going mobile. As well as your crypto-assets and your bank account funds.

Also, you can invest, buy, sell, trade, and exchange cryptocurrency going mobile. For example, let’s say you instantly need some money, but you only hold Bitcoin. With the mobile app, you can easily and fast exchange your Bitcoin for Euro. Also, it works the same in both ways.

Trading cryptocurrency

Trading Bitcoin can be done on both mobile and desktop platforms. Ethereum (ETH), can only be traded on the Nuri mobile app. For both crypto assets, is required a minimum amount of 30 EUR to trade or exchange.

Nuri trading crypto
Trading Ethereum on Nuri

Also, with Nuri, users can trade cryptocurrency directly from their bank account. Therefore, there is no need for other third-party transfers, or buying and selling through other companies.

As well, when trading cryptocurrency you will be charged 1% of the total transactional amount. This being the only fee that Nuri requires.

Bitcoin interest account

Nuri also offers an easy method to gain some interest in your Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This feature is perfect for a Bitcoin Hodler, where the annual interest is up to 5% at this time. But be informed that it might change on a weekly basis. Therefore, the annual interest might grow or go on in a downtrend.

The Bitcoin investment amount can start from as low as 10 EUR, and the interest will be paid weekly, more specifically every Monday. Also, you can withdraw your Bitcoin from the interest account whenever you want and without paying fees.

The interest payments are made in Bitcoin, and there’s no minimum investment period to start earning rewards or making withdrawals and deposits.

The interest account is a Nuri partnership with the Celsius Network, where instead of just keeping your Bitcoin, you can put it to work for you. Celsius is a well-known and trusted blockchain company, where you can borrow and earn interest over your crypto-assets. You can check out here my full Celsius review, and also gain a sign-up bonus of $40 in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin interest account
Bitcoin interest account overview

Also, keep in mind the high volatility of crypto-assets. Therefore, do your research before investing in cryptocurrency and take into consideration your financial situation.

Nuri verification process (KYC)

To use the features of Nuri, you have to pass their KYC (know-your-customer) verification process. The process is pretty easy and fast, and you need to have your personal documents at hand. For example, I used my passport and utility bill.

New users can apply with their passport, which I also recommend to you because it is being supported by almost every nationality. Also, in some countries, you can use your national identity card. Check the nationalities list on the Nuri website or in the tables below to see what documents are supported by each country.

The verification process is done by a video call. Where you will get in contact with one of Nuri’s team members. The conversation in the video call, during the verification process, must be carried in English or German language. No other languages are sustained.

After the KYC video call and your documents get verified. In the short term, more specifically on the same day, you will be granted access to your Nuri account.

In my case, it was needed two video calls on different days. Therefore, in some cases, it might take longer.

Nuri supported countries

For now, Nuri is only available for EU residents (European Economic Area, including Switzerland), but multiple worldwide nationalities are accepted. Therefore, check the list below to see if you can start your journey with the next generation bank.

European nationalities accepted by Nuri

European nationalities acceptedPassportNational ID card
Bosnia HerzegovinaAcceptedNot accepted
BulgariaAcceptedNot accepted
CyprusAcceptedNot accepted
DenmarkAcceptedNot accepted
EstoniaAcceptedNot accepted
GreeceAcceptedNot accepted
IcelandAcceptedNot accepted
LatviaNot acceptedAccepted
LiechtensteinNot acceptedAccepted
North MacedoniaAcceptedNot accepted
NorwayAcceptedNot accepted
PortugalAcceptedNot accepted
Republic of KosovoAcceptedNot accepted
RomaniaAcceptedNot accepted
RussiaAcceptedNot accepted
SerbiaAcceptedNot accepted
TurkeyAcceptedNot accepted
UkraineAcceptedNot accepted
United KingdomAcceptedNot accepted
List of European nationalities accepted by Nuri and the supported ID document

African nationalities accepted by Nuri

African nationalities acceptedPassportNational ID card
AlgeriaAcceptedNot accepted
AngolaAcceptedNot accepted
Burkina FasoAcceptedNot accepted
CameroonAcceptedNot accepted
EgyptAcceptedNot accepted
GhanaAcceptedNot accepted
Ivory CoastAcceptedNot accepted
KenyaAcceptedNot accepted
MaliAcceptedNot accepted
MoroccoAcceptedNot accepted
NamibiaAcceptedNot accepted
NigeriaAcceptedNot accepted
South AfricaAcceptedNot accepted
Nuri list of Africa nationalities accepted and the supported ID document

Asian nationalities accepted by Nuri

Asian nationalities acceptedPassportNational ID card
AzerbaijanAcceptedNot accepted
BangladeshAcceptedNot accepted
China / Hong KongAcceptedNot accepted
GeorgiaAcceptedNot accepted
JapanAcceptedNot accepted
KazakhstanAcceptedNot accepted
KuwaitAcceptedNot accepted
LebanonAcceptedNot accepted
MalaysiaAcceptedNot accepted
PhilippinesAcceptedNot accepted
Republic of KoreaAcceptedNot accepted
SingaporeAcceptedNot accepted
TaiwanAcceptedNot accepted
ThailandAcceptedNot accepted
Nuri list of Asian nationalities accepted and the supported ID document

North American nationalities accepted by Nuri

North American nationalities acceptedPassportNational ID card
CanadaAcceptedNot accepted
MexicoAcceptedNot accepted
Nuri list of nationalities from North America accepted and the supported ID document

South American nationalities accepted by Nuri

South American nationalities acceptedPassportNational ID card
ArgentinaAcceptedNot accepted
BrazilAcceptedNot accepted
ChileAcceptedNot accepted
ColombiaAcceptedNot accepted
PeruAcceptedNot accepted
VenezuelaAcceptedNot accepted
Nuri list of nationalities from South America accepted and the supported ID document

Oceania’s nationalities accepted by Nuri

Oceania nationalities acceptedPassportNational ID card
AustraliaAcceptedNot accepted
New ZealandAcceptedNot accepted
Nuri list of nationalities from Oceania accepted and the supported ID document

Nuri security

Your Nuri account is protected with a two-factor authentication method. You will choose a strong password, and your account is going to be connected to the mobile phone. Therefore, every time you log in to your account, you have to enter the password and the SMS code received from Nuri, called M-TAN code.

Also, using the Nuri mobile app, you can set up to log in with your fingerprint.


Nuri is a perfect solution for every crypto enthusiast, investor, or trader. Also, the user-friendly interface makes Nuri extraordinary for a cryptocurrency beginner.

The Nuri mobile app offers a fast-trading option going mobile. Therefore, you can exchange, buy, and sell Bitcoin and also Ethereum directly from your bank account. And also, spend your funds with the free Nuri Visa debit card, which can be used worldwide.

Free Nuri Visa card
Free Nuri Visa card

For now, it only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, but the company is planning to add more crypto assets to its portfolio. Also, Nuri is available only for EU residents, including Switzerland, but multiple worldwide nationalities are accepted.

The company is continuously expanding and growing in popularity. Therefore, if you look for a Nuri job, and work in a next-generation blockchain bank, you can apply here.

With the crypto vaults, the security is very high, and only you have access to your cryptocurrency assets. The private keys being in your possession all the time. Also, your EURO funds, but only up to 100,000 EUR, are protected by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS).

My experience with Nuri

I have used Nuri services and the free Nuri card for more than a year now. And my experience with the German company is very satisfying and up to the next level. Use the button below to register for free and start your journey with the next-generation bank.

Nuri review
Nuri review – Free Nuri Visa card

I hope that this article with the Nuri review will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading and please feel free to share the content.

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