.wallet and first name Premium NFT domains from Unstoppable Domains

.wallet premium NFT domain sale

Now everyone can be the owner of a premium NFT domain, which will incorporate your first name and the blockchain domain extension .wallet. The cryptocurrency transactions performed uncomplicated, send and receive multiple cryptocurrencies only using a blockchain domain, created from your first name and the extension .wallet, thanks to the Unstoppable Domains company. For example, here are some .wallet premium NFT’s that sold recently, Sean.wallet, Henry.wallet, Tom.wallet, Alex.wallet, and Rich.wallet, which sort of reflects the person’s portfolio who purchased this NFT, that it might be rich, since he or she paid $100.000 for this premium NFT domain. I would have bought a nice house with this amount in my country. Anyway, check out my entire .wallet premium NFT domains blog post to find out more. And how to pay for a blockchain domain with a 10% refund, using one of the most popular crypto apps.

Premium .wallet NFT’s blockchain domains YouTube video

What is a first name .wallet premium NFT domain?

The .wallet domain extension from Unstoppable Domains, comes from the new released group of 8 new domain extensions. And now, everyone can be the owner of a very cool blockchain domain, which combines their first name and the word wallet.

Premium .wallet NFT blockchain domains sale
Premium .wallet NFT blockchain domains sale

As you might know, the blockchain domains act like a cryptocurrency wallet address. This way, the cryptocurrency transactions will be very simplified, and everyone will remember this wallet address. How cool is it to send cryptocurrency to a crypto wallet address like Robs.wallet. As a result, no one can mess this up and send cryptocurrencies at the wrong address.

On the Unstoppable Domains website, at this time, you can find some of the most popular first name .wallet domains. These ones start with a price of $1500 and can reach $100.000, as in the example above. But, if your first name doesn’t appear in this sale list, you can search it, and maybe the price will also be lower. To mention that, the price of a premium first name NFT .wallet domain, depends on how popular is your first name.

Search your first name .wallet NFT domain
Search your first name .wallet NFT domain

Every domain from Unstoppable Domains is a one of a kind NFT, and once you purchase one, it is yours for life, and there will be no renewal fees. This is a one-time payment, and the NFT domain will be yours for a lifetime. Or, until you sell it. Check out my previous blog posts to find out more details about the blockchain domains NFT’s, from the Unstoppable Domains registrar company.

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How to buy a first name premium .wallet NFT?

The Unstoppable Domains registrar company offers four different buying options, and these are:

  • using a bank card;
  • using the PayPal services;
  • paying with cryptocurrency;
  • Using the Crypto.com app, the Pay service.
How to pay for your premium .wallet NFT domain?
How to pay for your premium .wallet NFT domain?

To mention that, the premium NFT domains with the price above $10.000 are only available to purchase with cryptocurrency.

So far, I have bought 9 blockchain domains NFT’s from Unstoppable Domains, and I used all the above buying options. All work smoothly, but the best one for me is Crypto.com Pay. Using the Pay service from Crypto.com, every purchase will result in a 10% refund in the native token Crypto.com Coin – CRO.

Anyway, if you are new to Crypto.com, use my referral code to register and get a sign-up bonus of $25, once you order a metal Visa card. Also, to enjoy the full benefits of the Crypto.com Visa Cards, and to be able to order it, it is required to stake different amounts of CRO coins in the app.


Unstoppable Domains is continually improving its services, and recently announced multiple partnerships with different crypto wallet providers. Therefore, the use cases for a blockchain domain are expanding, and I believe the price for the blockchain domains NFT’s will only go higher.

The .wallet domain extensions NFT’s, are outstanding to own if you intend to use it as a cryptocurrency wallet. Or, simply to make investments, because as I see it, there is a lot of price potential once you place it on sale on the open NFT’s markets.

Moreover, a huge blockchain network partnership is announced with the Unstoppable Domains company, and this will bring lower transactional fees when claiming your blockchain domain NFT. The fees will go as low as it will mean nothing.

In the end, I want to apologize to my subscribers for not writing so much lately. Being a full time job employee, I don’t have so much time to write or make videos. But, I will try to write more content and come with the latest updates regarding Unstoppable Domains, and other blockchain platforms that I use.

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