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RevoFi review - RVS crypto mining

I have watched the RevoFi Network project since the company placed its application for mining HNT – the Helium cryptocurrency, with the manufactured RevoFi hotspots. By the way, this application was rejected, but the company has vast plans with the RevoFi devices, and motivated me to invest in a RevoFi hotspot. Considering this is the beginning of a blockchain project with its own cryptocurrency, RVS – Revos, named after the blockchain on which will run, more specifically Revos blockchain. I consider this a massive opportunity for the early RVS crypto miners. If you are interested in starting to mine a new cryptocurrency, being present since the approximately beginning, keep reading my blog post to find out more. What is RevoFi and Revos blockchain? How to order a RevoFi hotspot? How to easily pay for your RevoFi hotspot? How RVS mining will work? Which RevoFi hotspot to order? Find out all this below and much more.

revofi network
RevoFi network
RevoFi Network YouTube video

What is RevoFi and what moved me to invest?

RevoFi intends to become a decentralized wireless cloud services network, and with the help of blockchain technology, plans to bring connectivity, edge computing power and storage closer to the consumers. According to many studies performed lately, this is a market that will exponentially grow in value over time. For example, only for the edge computing power, according to the Statista website, by the year of 2025, this is a market that will reach a value of approximately $11 billion.

And, this is one of the reasons why I have reached the judgment, to make an investment in a RevoFi hotspot. Not to mention that, it is the beginning of the RevoFi network and Revos blockchain, and if the team behind the company will deliver, it will be a strong blockchain project. Also, if we take a quick peek back and observe other blockchain start-ups, for example Helium, in which I invested this year, I can only imagine how superior it is to be there from the inception.

RevoFi Network decentralized services
RevoFi Network decentralized services

The main objective of the RevoFi Network is to create a Wi-Fi 6 Mesh network, which will also supply computing power and storage for the customers. Moreover, the team behind the project also intends to develop cloud micro services. And with this capacity, application developers will be able to target and use the RevoFi Network and the RevoFi devices. Component which will bring higher rewards to the hotspot owners, for the shared resources with the network.

Another interesting point found in the RevoFi US white paper is that RevoFi devices will have an A.I. built-in and ready, with the ability to run A.I. applications. Moreover, regarding this feature, the hotspots are designed to progress over time, and learn by itself on how to improve the network. I have to say this will be excellent, we will have a little A.I. machine miner.

Revos Blockchain and RVS crypto mining

Revos blockchain is used to power up the RevoFi network, and it is created on two new algorithms, which are an improvement of the PoW – Proof of Work consensus mechanism. These two new algorithms are PoN – Proof of Network and PoP – Proof of Ping, and with these two, RVS crypto mining is made with low energy consumption.

Also, the two newly created algorithms, will reward hotspot owners for their shared resources, with RVS – Revos cryptocurrency, which is the native token of the Revos blockchain. More specifically, the miners will be rewarded for:

  • PoN Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Utilization – This reward type is based on how extensive your shared Wi-Fi will be used. Therefore, if many people choose to use your Wi-Fi, you will gain more rewards. This type of reward I imagine is properly suited for a business owner, with something like a hotel, restaurant, and other like-wise business, where many people intend to use the Wi-Fi signal. Regarding this aspect, the users of your Wi-Fi 6 Mesh connectivity might need having RevoFi data credits, to use your Wi-Fi. But I will know more details when my miner will be shipped;
  • PoN Compute Utilization – This type of reward depends on how much your hotspot computing power will be used by the RevoFi network users.
  • PoN Storage Utilization – As well as the previous, this depends on how much your hotspot storage will be used by other RevoFi users. There are different types of hotspots with upgradable storage. Therefore, keep reading my article to find out which one is the best for you;
  • PoP Challenger and PoP Challengees – These two reward types will come with less RVS cryptocurrency than the first three ones. Therefore, the main focus is on Proof of Network rewards type, and these depend on the hotspot owner, like location and upgradable storage. As far as I know, Proof of Ping depends only on having a reliable connection.
Revos - RVS crypto mining reward type
Revos – RVS crypto mining reward type

Revos – RVS cryptocurrency is not yet listed on any cryptocurrency exchange, and not even in circulation. Therefore, on how much a hotspot will earn, remains an unknown factor. Furthermore, no RVS crypto is pre-mined, and only Revos enabled devices will be qualified to mine RVS. Therefore, the first block of RVS crypto will be mined by the first installed RevoFi devices, which will possibly be in the late 2021, or early 2022. According to the team, the shipping will start somewhere in mid or late December 2021.

Revos cryptocurrency has a fixed supply of 1 billion with a 50-year release timeframe, and halving will be every 10 years. Also, the RVS crypto has a burn and mint equilibrium, which allows the supply to match to actual network utilization. These aspects can be easily found on the RevoFi official webpage for more details, and also the distribution of rewards over the 50-year timeframe.

Revos - RVS crypto usage
Revos – RVS crypto usage

I recently watched an AMA with the founder of RevoFi, Justin Caswell, and the plans for the RevoFi Data Credits, which will be used for paying the resources on the RevoFi network, are also on having other use cases, among which is the context that users will be able to transfer these data credits. The Data Credits, simply like we are used to observe on the Helium blockchain, are acquired by burning the native token. In this case, the Revos cryptocurrency.

The RevoFi hotspots

As far as we can see in the RevoFi shop, there are six hotspot models manufactured by the RevoFi Network. We can observe the details provided by the RevoFi team, and only 2 of the devices have photos in the online shop. I am closely watching their Discord channel, and according to the team, the photos of their RevoFi devices will come soon.

Anyway, I have bought a RevoFi Link Pro Founders Edition, and I don’t even know how it will look. But, I put my confidence in this project, and I believe the team will deliver. Furthermore, please don’t take my strategy for reasonable in this case, and do your own research before investing. I have made my decision, and I am willing to lose this amount of cryptocurrency paid on the RevoFi hotspot. I don’t believe it will be the case, but I take this into consideration. In a situation that this will happen, I will be in peace with my decision.

RevoFi Link Pro Founders Edition - flagship device
RevoFi Link Pro Founders Edition – flagship device

Enough about this, I believe all of you crypto enthusiasts are well aware, and you always do your research. Therefore, let’s learn some details about the RevoFi devices, and maybe you will figured out which one is the best for you:

  • RevoFi Link Pro Founders Edition – is a Limited Quantity hotspot and the one I bought, with 1 TB of storage. Also, all the RevoFi Link Pro devices have upgradable storage and come with an optional satellite/cellular backhaul I/O. Moreover, being the founder’s edition, it indicates that this device arrives with some other benefits, like future RVS crypto air-drop as part of the purchase, exclusive membership to the Revos Founders Club, member only insights and news, and others. Also, as far as I know, all the founder’s device editions will come with an NFT, which can be sold later on.
  • RevoFi Link Founders Edition – also a Limited Quantity hotspot with all the benefits for the founders edition. The Link models come with one M.2 slot for upgrading the storage. As well as the Link Pro, it can be bought with an initial storage of up to 1 TB, but the Pro has many more slots to upgrade the storage.
  • RevoFi Micro Founders Edition – as well as the previous two, is also a limited quantity hotspot with all the benefits for the founders edition. Micro is a base device with no upgradable storage, but it has SDR – Software Defined Radio capabilities.
  • RevoFi Link Pro Commercial Edition – it arrives with no benefits as the founder’s editions, but being the Pro version, it has upgradable storage and comes with an additional satellite/cellular backhaul I/O.
  • RevoFi Link Commercial Edition – no benefits as the founder’s editions, but being the medium level RevoFi device, comes with upgradable storage.
  • RevoFi Micro Commercial Edition – it arrives with no benefits as the founder’s editions, and being the Micro version, it has SDR capabilities, but with no upgradable storage.
RevoFi devices details - RevoFi Twitter account
RevoFi devices details – RevoFi Twitter account

How to order a RevoFi hotspot and easily pay for it?

To order a RevoFi hotspot is absolutely straightforward, and for me it worked smoothly. I paid for my RVS crypto miner using the Coinbase Pay services, where I deposited some of my USDC stable cryptocurrency. As I mentioned above, I bought the RevoFi Link Pro Founders Edition with an initial storage of 1 TB, which has a price of $679.

Pay with Coinbase for your RevoFi hotspot
Pay with Coinbase for your RevoFi hotspot

Now comes the mind blowing fact. I paid 955 USDC for this hotspot, the rest of the dollars from $679 to 955 USDC being shipping taxes. But, the RevoFi team announced on their Discord channel that FedEx includes the tax/VAT in this shipping price. Therefore, it is not such a big price after all, if we include these taxes.

Note that if you try to order more than one device at the same time, these shipping taxes will grow exponentially. For example, I tried to buy two devices, and the shipping in Europe reached an astronomical amount of approximately $1000. Therefore, I simply don’t understand how this shipping cost is calculated. But, if you want more than one hotspot, simply make more orders, because it will be cheaper.

Anyway, regarding this shipping aspect, the RevoFi team announced that they are searching for alternative shipping options.

Let’s get back on how to buy a RevoFi Hotspot, and I will take for example my order of the Link Pro Founders Edition:

  • Go to RevoFi online shop – click this link to enter;
  • Select your wanted RevoFi device;
  • In case of the Link and Link Pro devices, choose your desired storage size;
  • Select the power plug type – this one depends on every part of the globe or country. In my case, being from Eastern Europe, we mostly use the type C, but RevoFi doesn’t have this option. So I chose something similar, like type F. Hope it will work, but if not, there are a lot of adapters to buy. There is also a well explained guide, posted under the product on how to select the power plug type;
  • Add your RevoFi hotspot to cart;
  • Enter your address details to calculate shipping and update cart;
  • Proceed to checkout;
  • Enter your billing details, and also if you want to be shipped at a different address;
  • Select your paying option, which can be by credit card or with cryptocurrencies;
  • I paid with cryptocurrency using Coinbase;
  • Select Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;
  • Proceed to Coinbase;
  • You will have one hour to pay at the current rates;
  • Now you can select to pay with Coinbase or choose a cryptocurrency to pay with another wallet. In my case, I paid with Coinbase, and it worked quickly;
  • If you choose to pay with Coinbase, next you will be prompted to enter in your Coinbase account;
  • After the Coinbase account is connected, return to the RevoFi checkout page, select the cryptocurrency you want to send, and click on send now;
  • This is it, and your payment will be sent. Now, charge with patience and only wait for your RevoFi hotspot to arrive.

To mention that the RevoFi orders will be shipped in batches every 2 weeks, and the first batch will be shipped in mid or late December, 2021. My order is in batch 8, therefore it will take some time to arrive. Doing a quick estimate, I think that my RevoFi hotspot will arrive somewhere in late March or April 2022.

Closing thoughts

Regarding what the RevoFi network intends to build, and if all the mentioned services will be delivered, I strongly believe that RevoFi and Revos cryptocurrency will be two components in an impressive blockchain project.

Edge computing power, cloud storage, Wi-Fi 6 Mesh connectivity, and cloud micro services for the application developers are markets that will go up in value over time, according to many studies made. Also, considering that it is the start of the RevoFi blockchain project, with their own minable cryptocurrency with some low resources, I don’t want to miss this out and watch back with disappointment.

RevoFi Micro Product Image
RevoFi Micro Product Image

These are some of the factors that persuaded me to invest in a RevoFi hotspot, with the peace of my mind that I could lose almost $1000, because the earning potential is pretty significant. Regarding this amount of money, for many of you, maybe this is not much, but this amount is my salary per month.

No matter what, I am chasing my freedom dream, and I strongly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the key, and the next evolution in human history. Our world is still considerable depending of central entities, but the ones who don’t realize that cryptocurrency is the future will regret later.

Therefore, with this dream in my head, I invest in many blockchain projects, and continue my road on the blockchain, for a better future and the most wanted financial freedom. Furthermore, if you are interested in my blockchain and cryptocurrency journey, subscribe to my little crypto channels.

As I mentioned above, please don’t take my strategy to be appropriate for investing in the RevoFi network and RVS – Revos crypto mining, and do your own research before investing in any blockchain project. I am far away from being a financial advisor.

Also, regarding the RVS crypto miner payments, if you are new to Coinbase, you will get $10 in Bitcoin for free. If the sign-up process is done through my Coinbase referral linkand once an amount equivalent or greater than $100 is traded on Coinbase. Also, view my Coinbase related article, and find out how to earn some free crypto with Coinbase, and also how to get the Coinbase referral bonus in Bitcoin.

revofi network
RevoFi network

Here are some relevant links where you can stay updated with the RevoFi Network:

  • Discord –
  • Twitter –
  • TikTok –
  • Instagram –
  • Facebook –

Thank you for reading my article with the Revos crypto mining opportunity and the RevoFi network. I hope this is helpful to you. Feel free to share and subscribe to my little blog. Also, visit and follow me on my other channels, Youtube, LBRY and Odysee, Pinterest, Facebook, Publish0xInstagramTwitter.

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