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Sappchat ICO

Besides cryptocurrency, I also like to travel and workout. And regarding the gym workouts there is a saying, “NO PAIN – NO GAIN”, and I believe it fits the cryptocurrency investments as well. To explain, without any risks there can not be any gains. In my hunt for initial coin offerings in this currently savage world of cryptocurrency, I have come across the Sappchat blockchain project. Sappchat recently started their 2021 APP token ICO, which is going to last until September 1, 2021, and it will be in multiple phases. If you are wondering what is Sappchat and if it is going to be worth investing in, let’s find out together and also find out my decision.

Please note that I am not a financial advisor, only a cryptocurrency enthusiast and huge supporter. Also, these blog posts are only my views regarding cryptocurrency and different blockchain projects, and these should not be considered as financial advice.

What is Sappchat?

After reading a very well researched Sappchat whitepaper, I think that this blockchain project has a huge potential to be very big, and it will be very soon noticed by the crypto community. Moreover, the Sappchat project already appeared on some big YouTube crypto channels. The one that I follow and it has some good quality content is CryptoWendyO, and you can check her out just following the link.

So, what Sappchat intends to bring in the crypto world? More private and secure mobile messaging built on blockchain technology, DEFI platform, cryptocurrency payments, mobile payments, crypto investments, NFT shopping platform, cryptocurrency exchange. These are the technologies that the Sappchat project intends to bring in a future decentralized world, for their users. Moreover, all these will be combined in one easy to use mobile application, and with a top-of-the-line feature, Sappchat will support multiple blockchains.

Sappchat Initial Coin Offering
Sappchat official website

Above all, Sappchat will integrate an AI – Artificial Intelligence on the app. According to the whitepaper, the AI will constantly analyze the blockchain capacity to transmit messages, and when necessary, it will dedicate additional computing and processing power. Also, this is not the only feature that the AI engine will bring, there is more to it. Another AI feature will be that it is going to provide crypto recommendations for the Sappchat users, based on financial analytics.

Regarding these aspects, Sappchat is going to be a competitor for the world’s leading mobile messaging applications. For example, Telegram, WeChat, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, but with a lot more useful blockchain tools implemented. If the Sappchat team will deliver all these integrated technologies, this blockchain project will be huge.

We all know that social massaging mobile applications are considerably used. Therefore, this market in which Sappchat will enter has a lot of users, which means a very big possible market capital. Regarding the social mobile apps with payments integrated, which is closer to what Sappchat will bring, is WeChat. Now, being from Europe, I don’t use WeChat, but as far as I know, it is used in the Asian part of the Globe. And new users can start using WeChat only with the help of another user, for validation. Anyway, the Sappchat project aims to be a global application built on blockchain technology.

Sappchat web page – Send funds while chatting

Considering the DEFI ecosystem which Sappchat will deliver, it is going to enter competition with BlockFi, and other similar blockchain projects, for example Celsius Network. These, in terms of lending and borrowing funds. I use both of these blockchain applications, and I am pretty satisfied with the user experience. But, who doesn’t want all the above features in a single mobile app? I am pretty sure that I want this.

All the above aspects can be found in the Sappchat whitepaper. And, I recommend reading the document, because it is well-developed, and if the Sappchat team succeeds to release all these, it is going to be a massive project.

APP token ICO – Sappchat cryptocurrency token sale

The Sappchat cryptocurrency is operating under the ticker APP, and the total amount of tokens available in this pre-sale is 4 billion. This means 40% of the total minted APP tokens, more specifically, from 10 billion tokens. Also, the Sappchat ICO will run on multiple phases, and with every phase the price of the APP token will increase with $0.005. Therefore, the faster people enter this Sappchat ICO, the better.

Sappchat ICO launchpad
Sappchat ICO launchpad

A great idea from the Sappchat team is that all the remaining unsold tokens from this APP token ICO will be locked in a community vault. And, from this vault all the tokens will be fully distributed to users of Sappchat and holders of APP token. But don’t make any idea that after the Sappchat ICO we will wake up with our crypto wallets full, because this distribution will be made with a gradual release over a long period of time.

The APP token operates on Binance Smart Chain and the users who want to participate in this Initial Coin Offering, will need to enter a withdrawal wallet address compatible with BSC. I used my Binance Smart Chain Chrome extension wallet, but users can also use Metamask and Trust Wallet. Note that, the Metamask wallet will need to be set to run on Binance Smart Chain. These three wallets can be easily connected with the Sappchat ICO panel for a direct payment. Also, users can proceed with a manual payment, just copying the investment address and sending cryptocurrency.

After the withdrawal address is set up, users can easily purchase APP tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin, Binance Coin, or Binance USD. As you can see in the image below, I bought some BNB using the Binance exchange. And also, I used my Binance Smart Chain wallet extension to pay for the APP tokens. So far, I didn’t buy a large amount, but in this present phase of the Sappchat ICO, the minimum purchase is 8000 tokens.

App token ICO payment
App token ICO payment using my Binance account

As you probably realize, my decision was to participate in the APP token ICO, and I am thinking of buying more, to reach at least 100.000 APP tokens.

The bought APP tokens from this ICO will be locked in a vesting contract, and after the lock period is over, users can withdraw the APP tokens directly in the wallet set up on the Sappchat launchpad.

More details about Sappchat

Sappchat project was audited twice by Certik and QuillAudits, and the audit reports can be found on the Sappchat website for an easy download and lecture. Regarding the audits, Sappchat performed very well, but better to read the reports yourself. Also, if you intend to participate in this ICO, don’t consider this investment advice, and do your own research regarding every cryptocurrency investment.

Another cool fact about Sappchat is that the project was presented on some big news websites. For example, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, NewsBTC, Bitcoin Insider. These articles can also be found with direct links on the official Sappchat website, and the articles are legit.

Some final words

I have found this project with approximately one and a half months earlier, but didn’t find the time to write about this. I bought the APP tokens on June 14, 2021, when it was the second phase. The price didn’t increase a lot, but I think that the project will get more and more attention, being a very good blockchain project.

APP token ICO payment
APP token ICO payment

I only hope that the Sappchat team will deliver all the technologies presented in the whitepaper. If these features will be successfully released, the Sappchat project will be massive.

Not much left to say, thank you for reading my Sappchat ICO blog post. If you are interested in investing, do your own research to find out more about this great blockchain project.

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