SecuX crypto wallets big updates and discount bonus

SecuX wallet updates

As you might know, my blog and channels followers, and also all interested visitors, will get a SecuX discount bonus of up to 15%, when buying a cryptocurrency hardware wallet from the SecuX company. Therefore, I think that the following news are important for the cryptocurrency hodlers. With some recent big updates, SecuX is now supporting another big smart chain alongside Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, and also developed a portal for one of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market capital. If this topic is interesting for you, keep on reading my SecuX hardware wallets update post to find out more. Also, get up to 15% discount bonus for one of the best hardware wallets in the global market.

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SecuX wallets update video

SecuX company awarded twice this year

After almost two years since the last award, this year of 2021, the SecuX company received the award for the “Most innovative blockchain security company in 2021“. Also, one of the developed hardware wallets, more specifically the top-of-the-line product SecuX V20, received the award for the “Most secure Vault protection hardware wallet“.

Both of the awards were given by the United Kingdom based magazine, Corporate Vision, which spotlights only companies that are innovative, and are continually improving. Therefore, regarding the protection of cryptocurrencies, the SecuX company is a big name in this category of market, and one of the most innovative manufacturers in developing products, to securely hold cryptocurrencies.

SecuX awarded twice this year
SecuX awarded twice this year

Regarding the innovative part, Wallet Connect is now available on the SecuX wallets, but only for the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 tokens. Moreover, according to the company, Wallet Connect support for the Binance Smart Chain will also come shortly.

To mention that the Wallet Connect feature, is only available on the iOS SecuX Mobile Application, with the help of which users can connect their SecuX wallet with an iPhone, or another iOS device via Bluetooth. This feature is excellent for accessing with simplicity the Ethereum DEFI world.

SecuX wallets are now supporting BSC – Binance Smart Chain

Keeping up with the trend and with the rapid growth of the Binance Smart Chain, SecuX wallets now supports the BEP-20 tokens. As we all know, there are a lot of tokens which are running on the Binance Smart Chain, and daily appearing more. Therefore, at the launch of BSC support on SecuX wallets, only 205 BSC – Binance Smart Chain tokens can be securely stored on a hardware wallet from SecuX.

SecuX wallets
SecuX wallets

Additionally, if users are interested in safe keeping another BEP-20 token, which is not yet listed in the wallet, they can request to SecuX support via email, to add a different BSC token to the wallets list. Therefore, additionally to the 205 BEP-20 tokens, SecuX wallets can support a lot more, at the users request.

Note that the Binance Smart Chain account, and the BEP-20 token list are only available with the SecuXess web application. Also, all users of SecuX wallets will need to make a firmware update, and this can be done only by connecting the SecuX wallet with a computer via an USB cable. According to SecuX company, MCU firmware version 2.13 or newer is required, in order to support the BEP-20 tokens.

SecuXess web application
SecuXess web application

Cardano – ADA is now supported by SecuX wallets

With a portal developed by the SecuX company, ADA cryptocurrency is now supported by the SecuX wallets. This I think is the biggest story, Cardano – ADA being one of the most loved cryptocurrencies from the crypto market, with a big market capital, and with a lot of supporters. Also, the Cardano blockchain is expected to be a big competitor for the Ethereum blockchain, and I believe the project will deliver the results expected from many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

SecuXess Web Application - ADA portal
SecuXess Web Application – ADA portal

As well as the SecuX BSC support, the ADA portal is only available on the SecuXess Web Application. And it will also be necessary to update the firmware specified in the Binance Smart Chain case, with an additional SE update. More specifically, users of SecuX wallets will need to update the Secure Element to – SE version 1.87, in order to be able to manage their Cardano – ADA assets. But, more about updating you can find here, on the official SecuX website.

Once the devices are updated, users of SecuX wallets will be able to stake, send and receive ADA cryptocurrency directly on the SecuX wallet, and with the SecuXess Web Application.

15% discount bonus at SecuX V20 with the coupon “cryptofiveo“.

15% discount bonus at SecuX W20 with the coupon code “cryptofiveo“.

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Conclusion about the SecuX wallet updates

These new updates from the SecuX company, I think they’re great, and it proves that the team behind it are continuously innovating their products. Binance Smart Chain is one of the most used and big smart chains in the market. Therefore, this new SecuX support for BSC is significant for the BEP-20 token holders. Also, the Cardano blockchain will also be a blockchain that will support smart contracts, and the SecuX ADA portal is an excellent innovation.

SecuX is continually upgrading their produced hardware wallets and their features, for a better user experience, being one of the top blockchain security companies in the global market. Also, the companies three SecuX models come at a pretty reasonable price, and if you want to find out more about every SecuX wallet, check out my original review, or directly on the SecuX web shop.

SecuX wallet coupon code
SecuX wallet coupon code

Also, remember to use my coupon codes at checkout, to profit from a discount bonus of up to 15%.

15% discount bonus at SecuX V20 with the coupon “cryptofiveo“.

15% discount bonus at SecuX W20 with the coupon code “cryptofiveo“.

10% discount bonus at SecuX W10 with the coupon code “cryptofiveow10“.

Thank you for reading my article with the latest SecuX wallets updates. I hope this is helpful to you. Feel free to share and subscribe to my little blog. Also, visit and follow me on my other channels, Youtube, LBRY and Odysee, Pinterest, Facebook, Publish0xInstagramTwitter.

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  • SecuX crypto wallets big updates and discount bonus
    SecuX is now supporting another big smart chain alongside Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, and also developed a portal for one of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market capital.
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