Student Coin ICO | How to buy Student Coin?

Student Coin ICO

Another big blockchain project is about to launch, the Student Coin ICO is live, and in multiple rounds but not much time remaining to join. In this Initial Coin Offering, the Student Coin project has already raised approximately $34 million, and it keeps on going. The Student Coin – STC is already prelisted on multiple exchanges, and soon it will release its own exchange. Keep reading this Student Coin ICO review and find out what is Student Coin, how to join the ICO, and how to buy Student Coin. Also, join the Student Coin ICO with my affiliate link and get 5% more on your order.

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What is Student Coin?

Behind the Student Coin project is a very interesting story, compared in some parts with the Facebook story. It all started with an idea to develop an educational token for the students from Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland. The first token developed was named ALK Student Coin and it was released among the students, starting with December 2019.


Considering that the release of the ALK Student Coin was a success story, the team decided to expand the project among other institutions. As a result, by the end of April 2020, the project reached 2000 users from 18 countries and 200 universities. Also, regarding the similarity with Facebook, the team behind the project removed “ALK“, just like Facebook removed “The“, just for enhancing their label. Doing so, the Student Coin was born.

After that, the Student Coin team created a website and started developing the educational platform, recruiting team members from institutions like Harvard, London School of Economics and New York University.

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Continuing their blockchain educational road, the Student Coin team decided to develop an ecosystem where everybody can launch their token, and easily manage it with the STC Terminal. As a result, the Student Coin project aims to develop the tools needed for every person interested in creating tokens with an easy-to-use terminal. Also, the project will release a cryptocurrency exchange, where every token built with the Student Coin platform, will be listed.

Something very attractive about the Student Coin project is that every investor who holds STC tokens will receive a holding part from every token released on the Student Coin platform. An excellent feature for the investors, I have to say.

Student Coin ICO

The Student Coin ICO – Initial Coin Offering will end on April 30, 2021, or when all 5 billion coins are sold, whichever comes first. The ICO is split into multiple rounds and phases, and at the time of writing this article, there is already phase 117 from a total of 150 phases. Also, regarding these ICO concepts, with every phase, the Student Coin price will increase.

Although the STC token is pre-listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, the tokens bought in this Student Coin ICO launchpad can only be withdrawn and traded after the ICO has ended.

At this time, the Student Coin project has already reached approximately $34 million in funds received. And the ICO launchpad keeps on going. Therefore, as I see this, a lot of people are interested in this great blockchain project.

To join the Student Coin ICO is pretty simple, people interested in this Initial Coin Offering can register with only their email, set a password, and enter the bonus code for an additional 5% of the STC tokens purchased. The bonus code will be entered automatically if you sign up with my affiliate link, just press the button below.

The Student Coin details

With the ticker symbol STC, the Student Coin is currently operating on two blockchains, Ethereum and Waves. Also, the swap between the two blockchains can be done with a bridge, provided by the Student Coin team. This feature with two blockchains is necessary due to the high fees on the Ethereum blockchain. But in the future, with Ethereum 2.0, it might only be just the Ethereum blockchain for the Student Coin.

Also, regarding the high fees, the Student Coin will have a fork scheduled for April 14, 2021. With this fork, the STC Token v1 will be switched with STC token v2, also on the Ethereum blockchain, but STC v2 will have lower transactional fees.

The STC holders, who have their tokens in different third-party crypto wallets, will need to perform the fork manually. For example, Metamask wallet, MyEtherWallet, Ledger, and so on. Also, you can check out the official STC fork announcement.

The STC token will have a total supply of 10 billion coins and it is a utility token used for the entire Student Coin ecosystem. Although there is such a big number of coins released, after the big exchanges listing, maybe we will see a pump in the price of 10x to 30x. These are my predictions and regarding investing in cryptocurrency, everybody should do their own research.

Join the Student Coin ICO with my affiliate link and get additional 5% on your order, when you make a purchase of STC tokens.

How to buy the Student Coin?

Once you join the Student Coin ICO launchpad it is very easy to buy tokens. For example, the STC tokens can be bought with Ethereum, bank cards, or using Coinbase. I used Coinbase, just like in every ICO I have entered because that is the easiest method and with no other ID verification processes. Also, I use frequently the Coinbase app, because there is where I keep some of my crypto funds.

Student Coin launchpad - How to buy Student Coin
Student Coin launchpad – How to buy Student Coin

If you would like to see a step by step guide on how to buy with Coinbase, view my Merchant token ICO post, because it is the same process and almost the same ICO principles.

In this Student Coin ICO launchpad, the easiest method to buy tokens is with the Ethereum address specified in your ICO launchpad account. But regarding the high fees on the Ethereum blockchain, the best option is still Coinbase. Furthermore, if you’d still like to use the Ethereum address to buy, the only thing you have to do is select the package you want and send Ethereum coins to that crypto address.

How to buy Student Coin
Student Coin package

Also, the Student Coin can be bought with bank cards, and this process is done with the third party company Advanced Cash. Also, keep in mind that with this payment provider, the KYC is necessary and the payment could take up to three days. But only in some cases.

I paid very simply with my Coinbase account with low fees, and the STC tokens were received in under 10 minutes. Also, the new users of Coinbase will receive $10 in Bitcoin for free, if the registration is done with my referral link. The amount will be credited once the new user makes a transaction of at least $100 in the Coinbase account.

The Student Coin – STC is also pre-listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, the STC token can be bought and traded on the following exchanges:

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor, and these are my personal opinions. Also, I have already entered this ICO and I own some STC tokens.

Student Coin ecosystem will bring great value to the blockchain world. Therefore, my opinion is that we will see a positive price movement from the STC token, after the exchange listing.

Also, every STC token holder will receive a holding part from every token released on the Student Coin ecosystem. This is another great feature for the investors and supporters of this ecosystem.

Join the Student Coin ICO with my affiliate link and get additional 5% on your order, when you make a purchase of STC tokens.

New users of Coinbase will receive $10 in Bitcoin for free if the registration is done with my referral link. The amount will be credited once the new user makes a transaction of at least $100 in the Coinbase account.

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