Titano Finance | I Invested $300 in TITANO tokens about a month ago

Titano Finance review - Invested $300 a month ago

Titano Finance with its TITANO token is one of the best blockchain projects in which I invested lately. Almost 10x in just one month with an out of this world fixed APY – Annual Percentage Yield. Moreover, Titano Finance, with this fixed APY of 102.483%, is the first crypto project to introduce the highest fixed APY into the blockchain world. After approximately 1 month since I invested in TITANO tokens, I have to say that the project performs as presented by the team, and the APY is sustaining at this fixed rate. Furthermore, at this point of writing my blog post and at the current price, Titano Finance is making me approximately $40 per day in $TITANO tokens, without doing anything, but with some risks. Check out my entire Titano blog post to find out how it works, how to buy and sell, how much I earned in the last month, and read until the end to see a general conclusion with the risks involved.

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How does Titano Finance work?

Titano Finance introduced a new financial protocol into the DeFi space named TAPTitano Auto-Staking Protocol, with the highest fixed APY of 102,483.58%. Since I invested in TITANO tokens, this yield percentage never changed even a little fraction, with the TITANO tokens continuing to appear into my crypto wallet every half an hour. Moreover, the tokens continue to auto compound, and every 30 minutes the amount of funds will start to gain even more.

Titano token rebase rewards with high fixed APY
Titano token rebase rewards with high fixed APY

Without doing anything, except for buying TITANO tokens and keeping them into a crypto wallet, every 30 minutes users of Titano Finance will get staking rewards. For example, about a month ago I bought approximately 6000 TITANO tokens with $300 in BNB, and at this instant I have a little amount above 12000 TITANO tokens, and almost 5 BNB. Therefore, the fixed high APY performs as presented, and my tokens never left my Metamask wallet.

This type of staking is the easiest and pretty much the safest, without having to deposit your tokens on the Titano Finance website, or lock them in some smart contracts. Holders of TITANO will start and gain rebase rewards every 30 minutes, and the tokens will be safe into everyone’s crypto wallet.

TITANO is a rebase token, meaning that it does not have a fixed supply, and the supply will expand or decrease with the price fluctuations. Regarding this, the Titano Auto-Staking Protocol – TAP takes advantage of a positive rebase formula which increases the supply, and in this way, the token holders are getting their rebase rewards every 30 minutes.

You might think that this feature will not be great for the price of the TITANO token, which by the way achieved a 10x in gains in just one month, but Titano Finance got this issue covered. The rebase rewards are backed by an RFV – Risk-Free Value wallet, which is incorporated into the Titano Auto-Staking Protocol, dedicated to buy back and burn of the TITANO tokens. Additionally, the RFV wallet is supported by a portion of the trading fees, and in case of extreme price drops, by the Titano Treasury. Also, matching the Titano documents, the Treasury support for the RFV wallet will create a floor value for the TITANO token price.

Titano daily rewards calculator
Titano token daily rewards calculator

So far, the price of the TITANO token performed unexpectedly well, making a 10x in one month, and returning some nice gains for the Titano Finance users. In my case, I bought them when the price was almost $0.05, after a couple of days it dropped to $0.02, and after this it started to lift off, reaching $0.21. Moreover, at the time of writing my blog post, Titano Finance is making me almost $40 per day in TITANO tokens, and the amount is auto compounding every 30 minutes, starting to gain even more, but only if the price stays at the current levels.

Titano token daily rewards after the price dropped
Titano token daily rewards after the price dropped

The TITANO token

TITANO is a BEP20 rebase token working on the Binance Smart Chain. It doesn’t have a fixed supply, and with its adjustable supply, Titano Finance is able to reward the token holders with the positive rebase formula mentioned previously.

In order to accomplish and maintain the high fixed APY, Titano Finance also implemented some high trading fees into the protocol. More specifically, buyers of the TITANO token will have to pay 13% in trading fees, and from this percentage, a portion from the fees will be sent into the RFV wallet, another portion to sustain the liquidity, and a smaller portion into the Treasury. Also, sellers of the TITANO token will have to pay even higher trading fees, 18% in fees when selling your tokens. And just like in the case of buying, the protocol will assign different portions from the trading fees, 5% to the RFV wallet, 5% to sustain the liquidity, and a bigger portion of 8% to the Treasury.

Titano token burn
Titano token burn

The TITANO token price is also backed and kept relatively stable by the weekly buy backs and burns. And observing the dead wallet address, we can see that Titano Finance burnt so far over tokens, which have a value of more than $180 million, at the current price.

Watching the price chart on CoinMarketCap, we can easily see when the Titano whales are selling their tokens, with those alarming price drops, but we can also see that the price recovers pretty quickly. Moreover, during the last crash of almost the entire crypto market, the Titano price kept on rising.

Titano price chart on CoinMarketCap
Titano price chart on CoinMarketCap

Titano Finance project has an ongoing Certik audit, which is completed in a proportion of 85%. But an audit was already carried out by Solidity Finance, and taking a sneak peek through the audit paper, we can see that TITANO had an initial supply of 4 billion tokens, and the team has a lot of control within the project ecosystem. This is not a bad thing, but the general conclusion is that users of Titano Finance must place a lot of confidence into the Titano team.

How to buy and sell TITANO tokens?

First of all, Titano being a BEP 20 token, future Titans will need a crypto wallet that works on Binance Smart Chain. I use the Metamask wallet, being a user-friendly crypto wallet, and it works with practically all smart contract enabled blockchains. Secondly, buyers will need BNB – Binance Coin BEP 20 for swapping and also for the trading fees.

Titano token on Metamask mobile wallet
Titano token on Metamask mobile wallet

The only exchange from which we can buy and sell TITANO tokens so far is PancakeSwap DEX. When buying and selling TITANO tokens, keep in mind the high trading fees, because you will need to set the transaction slippage at these rates. Therefore, to buy TITANO tokens head on over to PancakeSwap, import the token using the contract address, which can be easily found on the Titano Finance official website, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and so forth. Set the transaction slippage to 13%, to have a chance into buying the tokens, and if this doesn’t work, try to raise the slippage with 1% until the transaction works.

Buy and sell Titano tokens on Pancakeswap
Buy and sell Titano tokens on Pancakeswap

Once you managed to buy the TITANO tokens, they will start to gain rebase (staking) rewards once every 30 minutes, and auto compound.

Sellers of the TITANO tokens will need to set slippage to at least 18%, and if the transaction isn’t approved, try to raise the slippage with 1% until the transaction succeeds.

An overall Titano Finance conclusion

As you probably realized, Titano Finance is an extremely high-risk crypto project with a very interesting concept behind it, and with future developments specified by the team, which will use the same system TAP Titano Auto-Staking Protocol. An announced future development is Titano PLAY – Prized Linked Accumulating Yield Project, which intends to bring a contest for the token holders, and high gains for the users.

Titano PLAY as a future development of the Titano ecosystem
Titano PLAY as a future development of the Titano ecosystem

In the roadmap are also presented some great improvements, like mobile application, NFT integration, cross-chain integration, and others, which are pretty interesting to me. These innovations presented are keeping me to hodl my TITANO tokens, and not selling with a pretty nice profit generated so far.

With the $300 invested a month ago, I reached the maximum earned amount of approximately $2500, without having to do anything, but I continued to HODL. Moreover, after a week or so, I simply forgot that I invested in Titano. When I purchased the Titano tokens, I was prepared to lose these money, and I am still. Therefore, do not consider this an investment advice, and do a thorough research before investing, because it is a very risky project.

The Titano team remains unknown, and they have a lot of power to control the Titano Finance ecosystem. I don’t say this is a bad thing, but we have to put a lot of confidence in them, and hoping that they are not going to destroy our trust. Consider this aspect if you intend to be a future Titano holder, and i suggest not to invest what you are not willing to lose.

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