Unstoppable Domains crypto giveaway | Easy opportunity to win $500 in USDC

USDC crypto giveaway

Unstoppable Domains comes with a crypto giveaway for the blockchain domain owners, but also for future users who purchase an NFT domain starting from a price as low as $5. There will be 50 prizes of approximately $500 each in stable cryptocurrency, with a total award reserve of approximately $25,000, making this an easy opportunity for the NFT domain holders to win some stable cryptocurrency. Check out my crypto giveaway blog post to find out how to easily enter and what you need to do in order to be eligible to win the prize of 500 USDC crypto.

Buy an NFT domain from Unstoppable Domains starting from a price of $5, with no renewal fees ever. Build your own decentralized website, and replace the long cryptocurrency wallet address with readable names.

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CryptoFiveo blog disclaimer

How to participate in the crypto giveaway?

According to the details given by Unstoppable Domains, this easy opportunity to win some free crypto in USDC stable cryptocurrency will have 50 prizes of 500 USDC each, and it will last for 10 weeks. This promotion started on February 11, 2022 at 06:00 PST, and it ends on April 19, 2022, at 23:59 PST. Therefore, there is still a convenient timeframe left to enter the giveaway, and grab some chances to win.

Firstly, to participate in the giveaway, you will need a Twitter account and an Unstoppable Domains account, and both accounts are free of charge to open. Also, if you still don’t yet have an Unstoppable Domains account, use my affiliate link to register, and if you eventually purchase an NFT domain, you can support my channels with no extra cost to you.

Once these two accounts are set up, you will need a blockchain domain NFT with any of the blockchain domain extensions supported by Unstoppable Domains. For example: .x, .wallet, .dao, .crypto, and all the other cool extensions offered by Unstoppable Domains. For more details about the extensions and how to buy, you can check my other Unstoppable Domains related blog posts.

Once you have your blockchain domain available, from your Unstoppable Domains account enter the management section of your domain, and specify your Ethereum wallet address. If you win, at this Ethereum address the USDC crypto prize will be sent by Unstoppable Domains, because the USDC will be transferred on the Ethereum blockchain. It is better not to use crypto exchange wallets, because the wallet addresses can change, and you will lose the prize. Instead of these, you can use non-custodial wallets like Metamask, TrustWallet, hardware wallets, or any other preferred wallet which supports the Ethereum network.

Ethereum address for the crypto giveaway
Ethereum address for the crypto giveaway

Another requirement to be eligible to participate in the crypto giveaway is to have the Twitter name matching with your blockchain domain name. Therefore, go to your Twitter account and enter or change your Twitter name with the name of your Unstoppable Domains blockchain domain NFT. Enter the full domain name, including the extension. For example, I am participating with the blockchain domain cryptofiveo.x, and I changed my Twitter name with this one.

Twitter name for the crypto giveaway
Twitter name for the crypto giveaway

The final step necessary to participate and grab some chances to win is to tweet something every day. According to Unstoppable Domains, it doesn’t matter what you tweet, only to create some good vibe tweets, and there must be at least one tweet per day.

Additional details

There might be some people who purchased blockchain domain NFTs from the OpenSea marketplace, or other third-party stores which offer blockchain domains released by Unstoppable Domains. And in this case, you have to make an account on Unstoppable Domains, and add the wallet which contains your blockchain domain. To add your wallet just enter the account settings, and there you will see the option to add a wallet. Follow the instructions, and once the wallet is added to your Unstoppable Domains account, the NFT domain will be visible in the My Domains section. And afterwards, you can start with the above steps to enter the crypto giveaway.

That’s it for today with my short blog post about the USDC crypto giveaway held by Unstoppable Domains. Good luck winning at least one prize.

Crypto giveaway terms and conditions can be found here: https://unstoppabledomains.com/blog/ud-fam-shout.

Buy an NFT domain from Unstoppable Domains starting from a price of $5, with no renewal fees ever. Build your own decentralized website, and replace the long cryptocurrency wallet address with readable names.

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