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Internet connected devices

The Unstoppable domains company brings the future of decentralized websites, and it will set free your internet. Also, providing the creation of censorship-resistant websites. Keep on reading this Unstoppable Domains review and find out more about the company, what features brings into the blockchain world, how to buy a blockchain domain, or premium blockchain domains NFT’s, and how to get 10% off on your order. Unstoppable Domains crypto extensions presently can be accessed from your favorite browser. View this configuration guide to easily set up your browser.

Firstly, let’s start with the basics, and by this, I mean with two revolutionary systems that shaped all these ideas into a better future.

Internet and DNS

We all know how the internet works, and that allows computer networks around the globe to interconnect. It has come into view in the United States of America in the 70s. But only become visible for the grand public in the early 90s.

Now, in 2020, in this pandemic period, a study approximates that more than half of the global population are connected to the internet. The number is around 4.6 billion users. • Internet users in the world 2020 | Statista

Internet connected devices
Internet connected devices

Each device that uses an internet protocol, has assigned a numeric label called an IP address. And this internet protocol space is globally managed by the IANA, short for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

Being very hard to remember every IP address that you want to visit. To make our life easier and for a better user experience, here comes de DNS, the Domain Name System, which acts as a “phonebook” of the internet.

With DNS, we do not need to memorize an IP address in order to find a device or to visit a website. The Domain Name System translates hostnames like http://www.example.com to IP addresses, and this process takes place behind the scenes very fast, and as a result, we today have an outstanding online user experience.

Regular domain name extensions
Regular domain name extensions

All these great features that DNS has given to us, involves an organization called ICANN, short for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is a California-based entity that administers the entire Domain Name System – DNS. And also, empowers other companies to register domain names, companies like „godaddy.com”.

These two global organizations, IANA and ICANN, bring up one unpleasant word in the discussion: CENTRALISATION. But for those who do not like this word and what it stands for, the blockchain domains are here. As a result, you will have CNS, short for Crypto Name Space, meaning that only you control your domain and nobody can take it down.

Buy blockchain domains
Decentralized censorship-resistant websites

What is a blockchain domain?

A blockchain domain acts exactly like a regular domain, only that your website is on a blockchain, being decentralized. In other words, you are managing your website as you like, and no one can take it down.

By now, I think that everyone knows that blockchain stands for a decentralized configuration. And as a result of this lack of centralized institutions, no one can take complete control of it.

Also, the blockchain domains are running on the revolutionary Web 3.0. Therefore, capable of many more things than the web 2.0 equivalents. Find below some of those great features, and this are very useful for crypto space users:

  1. Simplified cryptocurrency transactions;
  2. Building websites that are uncensorable;
  3. Substitutes the long cryptocurrency wallets addresses with readable names;
  4. Domains are stored in your cryptocurrency wallet, just like any crypto asset. Therefore, no one can take your website down. Your website can only be taken down if a person, or organization, has your crypto wallet private keys.
Bussiness on the Blockchain.
Bussiness on the Blockchain

Unstoppable domains details

No renewal fees for your blockchain domain, you pay for it once and own it for a lifetime. Or, until you sell it. Read below about the biggest crypto market, where you can trade blockchain domains and many more.

Create your censorship-resistant website using Unstoppable Domains.
Unstoppable Domains review – .crypto and .zil domain extensions

We all have some basic knowledge of conventional domains and how one functions. On the other hand, on the blockchain, you do not need the permission of ICANN or other Domain Name Service registrars to build your website.

One of the biggest and most important blockchain domain registrars on the market is the Unstoppable Domains company. With their partnership with Ethereum blockchain and Zilliqa blockchain, the company offers CNS and ZNS, short for Crypto Name Services and Zilliqa Name Services.

This San Francisco-based corporation offers its users the potential to build uncensorable websites on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains. As a result, with Unstoppable Domains, you will have website domain extensions like .crypto and .zil. For example, domainname.crypto or domainname.zil.

Complete control and simplified crypto transactions

Getting a blockchain domain, your crypto transactions will be made very easy, since the long cryptocurrency wallet addresses are replaced with readable names. As a result, the cryptocurrency transactions will be simplified.

With Unstoppable Domains business, once you buy your domain, you will have complete control over it. As you will keep secure in your cryptocurrency wallet, just like any other cryptocurrency asset.

In other words, firstly, as long as nobody knows your crypto wallet’s private keys, your decentralized website is secured and can’t be taken down. And secondly, not even Unstoppable Domains can control your domain without your permission. Therefore, the users have complete possession of their domain and censorship-resistant website.

How to buy a blockchain domain?

If you are wondering how you can buy a blockchain domain, be informed that the entire process is very easy. Unstoppable Domains offers the possibility to buy a blockchain domain with a credit card, using PayPal, or you can buy it with cryptocurrency. Also, remember there are no renewal fees, unlike the annual fee at a common domain service.

Furthermore, now you can buy blockchain domains with the Crypto.com app. Which will also offer a 10% discount on your purchase, using the Pay feature. I will come with a review post shortly about this. Therefore, subscribe to my little blog and stay updated.

Premium blockchain domains NFT’s from Unstoppable Domains

The Unstoppable Domains company will release throughout the year 2021 premium blockchain domains in different categories. For example, categories like the Real EstateGames – Sports, Travel – Transportation, Finance, Local Businesses + Community, Crypto & Blockchain

Unstoppable Domains review - Buy premium blockchain domains
Unstoppable Domains review – Buy premium blockchain domains NFT’s

These premium NFT’s are one-of-a-kind, rare, and exclusive .crypto domains from different categories. These rare blockchain domains are selected based on their popularity. Also, the premium blockchain .crypto domains, released by Unstoppable Domains, include short words, most common, and the most popular in internet searches.

The prices for a premium blockchain domain NFT can reach out to $100,000 for a domain like coin.crypto and wallets.crypto from the Crypto & Blockchain category. But the prices start from as low as $500 for a domain name like nftlists.crypto, groupminers.crypto, or blockheight.crypto.

For the prices below $10,000 for a premium blockchain domain NFT from Unstoppable Domains, the payments can be made with PayPalthe Crypto.com app, or with cryptocurrency. On payments with the Crypto.com app, more specifically the Pay feature, the buyers will benefit from a 10% cashback.

For the premium domains valued above the level of $10,000, the payments can be made only with cryptocurrency.

Trade blockchain domains

The biggest market to trade your NFT’s, including the blockchain domains bought from Unstoppable Domains, is the OpenSea market. Persons interested in trading NFT’s can easily access the OpenSea market with an Ethereum based crypto wallet and make buy and sell orders. The crypto wallet that I use to keep my NFT’s, trade on the OpenSea market, and the one that works extremely well for me, is the Coinbase wallet. 

Also, users of Coinbase can claim their purchased blockchain domain and keep it secure, directly in the Coinbase wallet.

Build your website with Unstoppable Domains

The Unstoppable Domains company also offers customizable templates for their users, to build a website, based on the blockchain domain purchased.

Unstoppable Domains review - Create censorship-resistant websites
Unstoppable Domains review – Create decentralized websites

Once the .crypto or .zil decentralized website is initiated, it can be viewed with the Unstoppable Browser, which you can download from the Unstoppable Domains website. Moreover, with the new Cloudflare integration, you can access crypto domains from any browser.

Find here a configuration guide for your favorite browser. Also, with a recent update, the Opera browser natively supports .crypto domains.

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